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Moving Forward

Launch Manual for Fall 2020

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June 1, 2020--Return to athletics

McNicholas began a three-step phases to return to athletics on Monday, June 1. The phases will allow our student-athletes the opportunity to train and interact with their teammates and friends in a safe manner. In addition, Mercy Health's training room and ATC guidelines are also included. It is paramount that ALL student/athletes, parents, and coaches follow instructions for the safety of all of our athletes and coaches. These phases are subject to change based on the state and/or local authorities revealing new directions. Each sport can also vary based on CDC and state guidelines depending where specific sport-activity is performed, but guidelines in this attached document will be followed across athletics while ON CAMPUS.

Phase 1
This phase is specific to our athletic department and will be the guidelines we ALL will be following for a minimum of the first two weeks in June. Our incremental phases are necessary for our specific campus-situation because our gymnasium floors are being refinished and will not be available for use until June 15th (limiting our indoor space necessary for proper distancing).

Phase 1: June 1 - 14. These guidelines also give us the option to extend for however many weeks necessary and/or until the proper authorities give us new direction.

  • Only team activity will be permitted outside on campus in an area safe for athletes and coaches
  • We will allow the use of free weights that will be transported in a John Deere Gator on a mobile basis (if any team is to use the free weights they will be informed of proper safety protocols from myself and/or our Athletic Trainer Mike McCafferty)
  • This phase will allow proper social distancing in order to limit the amount of exposure while allowing athletes to interact with their teammates and be on campus again

Phase 2
Phase 2 would ideally begin June 15, but is still a work in-progress. We are devising instructions that include more indoor/weight room capabilities that will be safe under whatever current local/state guidelines will be at the time. If June 15 isn't a safe date for our athletes, we look to begin July 1.

Phase 3
Phase 3 will include any type of in-season practicing/competition that may have restrictions per the state or local authorities

Note: At any time if restrictions, requirements, and/or recommendations are lifted or changed, per authorities, we will find and discuss the necessary guidelines that will offer safety and wellness for our student-athletes and coaches. 

While authorities have provided many guidelines for numerous types of businesses and activities, we are following guidelines from the OHSAA that were released late last week. The OHSAA stated that skill training may take place at school facilities at the discretion of the respective school districts. Skill training is defined and the mandated and recommended restrictions are posted here

Athletic Training Requirements
In addition to requirements in the link, we have added some much needed recommendations and clear direction from our athletic trainer, Mike McCafferty. Athletes and coaches must follow these protocols in order to participate in activity on our campus.  Each team's activities may vary while on campus, but proper protocol on the necessary safety for our athletes and coaches will not. 

May 20, 2020--Positioned for Moving Forward (Dave Mueller)
McNicholas is uniquely positioned to provide the best available high school experience in the area during 2020-21. Our spacious campus and close-knit community give us distinctive advantages.
We have the HUGE advantage of enough classroom space to accommodate all students with six feet of social distancing. ALL ROCKETS can attend scheduled classes on campus for the whole day every class day even when social distancing is required. No staggered days. No partial days.
We are committed to FLEXIBILITY in response to family needs. Because presence on campus is so important to the McNick experience, we prioritize students and teachers being together in classrooms, eye to eye. Yet we expect that some families will need to opt against on-campus attendance because of health concerns. With parent authorization, students will be able to participate in on-campus classes from home via their tablets. If the state requires school buildings to close for a time, we will shift nimbly to remote learning as
Photo credit-Creative Commons
 needed. The emblem for the McNick experience in 2020-21 is the CONVERTIBLE, a green machine that provides the same sweet ride whether it’s sunny or rainy. The top goes up and down seamlessly.
We are focusing on HEALTH AND SAFETY practices to protect students, staff, and faculty. These include
  • Sanitizing classroom surfaces between classes
  • Following guidance from health authorities
  • Designating one-way corridors and stairways to enhance social distancing
  • Using a block schedule so that students move into no more than four class groups per day, with four classes meeting one day and the other three the next
We know that CARE FOR STUDENTS is more important than ever before. Every student will belong to a HOME FOR THE McNICK EXPERIENCE in a teacher-led small group that will meet frequently. Students will pray together, fire up school spirit, and grow in skills such as goal-setting, leadership, and self-care. Teacher leaders will be alert for students who need academic or emotional support.
When seniors were invited to say what they will miss most about McNicholas, almost all pointed to McNick friends and teachers. The McNick community is our strength and identity, and together we have become stronger in this new reality. Strategic planning begun a year ago has positioned us to see amid the current turmoil opportunity to lead educational enhancements. McNick educators have ten years of experience in using tablets to supplement in-person teaching. For two years we have developed ways to ensure that students learn the most essential skills and content. This summer we will strengthen skills for effective instruction in our new reality.
We look forward to the return of in-person classes with a renewed appreciation for our school community that empowers every student to
  • develop unique talents through active participation.
  • have access to a depth and breadth of opportunities.
  • be part of a close-knit, faith-based community.
By staying true to our roots, building on our strengths, and accelerating plans for educational adaptation, McNicholas is uniquely positioned to create exciting new opportunities for our students while ensuring the highest regard for safety. Please stay tuned for updates about planning for 2020-21 and visit the McNick website’s  Moving Forward page for the latest.
NOTE: If the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your family’s finances and makes you wonder whether you can continue at McNick, please contact Roberta Veleta, Director of Finance at Keeping the lines of communication open is the best way to navigate these challenges and concerns.
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