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Mardi Gras

On_stage_K_and_Q.JPGThe Annual Mardi Gras Pageant and Ball, the most prestigious student event of the year at Archbishop McNicholas High School, honors 40 senior students who have given their time and talents in service to the school and community throughout their high school experience. During the evening ceremonies, a Mardi Gras King and Queen are crowned. The King and Queen are the highest vote getters amongst the senior class. The King, Queen and Court then preside over a formal dance open to all McNicholas students.

The Senior Court consists of the top 20 young men and top 20 young women who have actively participated in school events and organizations. Membership on the Court is a result of four years of compiled voting from students and faculty. The top four sophomore and junior young men and women constitute the honor guard.

The Captain of the Ball receives the second highest votes among young men in the senior class. The Maid of Honor receives the second highest votes among young women in the senior class. The announcement of the Captain of the Ball and Maid of Honor kicks off the Mardi Gras season at McNicholas.  The Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded McNicholas High School, brought the Mardi Gras tradition to the school in 1952.

The 66th annual Mardi Gras took place on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018. 

Congratulations to this year's King, Wade Lawrence Brokamp and Queen, Lauren Marie Mindrum.

2018 Mardi Gras Court

Cameron Edward Adams               Haley Marie Adkins

Alexander Gregory Ballou             Paxton Alexandra Albrinck

Wade Lawrence Brokamp             Kennedy Katherine Brennan

Cole Johnathon Burdick                 Kiley Marie Byrne

Alexander Jude Deimling               Isabella Therese Daley

Jude Thaddeus Gerrard                 Janie Wendel Ferris

Luke Andrew Guessford                Alexis Michelle Gauger

Scott Jared Hickman                     Skyler Grace Lance

Soren Joseph Koch Hutchinson      Natalie Ann Martinez

Brett Nicholas Liming                    Jordan Nicole McCormick

Anthony Nello Marraccini               Lauren Marie Mindrum

Matthew Edward Neuzil                 Samantha Erin Moser

Paul Joseph Rammel                      Taylor Mae Osborne

Ryan Nicholas Reidy                        Abigail Jean Pour

Brian Gregory Roesel                     Maria Kathleen Randolph

Nicholas Daniel Rosenbaum           Gabriela De Albuquerque Freire Scorti

Samuel David Schaefer                  Jillian Elizabeth Sennett

Samuel Peter Veeneman                Maria Claire Staubach

Nicholas Fitzgerald Wasserstrom     Alyssa Marie Taylor

Nicholas Alejandro Wynn                 Grace Elizabeth Turner

Class of 2019 Honor Guard

Mark Benjamin Dill           Emily Grace Byrne

Bryan Arthur Fehr            Carly Elizabeth Fehr

Thomas Keita McDermott Carlie Elizabeth Suttles

Jacob Andrew Reuss         Olivia Grace Tore

Class of 2020 Honor Guard
Ian Alexander Burt                  Marie Kathryn Steinkuhl

Aidan Wayne Guessford             Abigail Marie Jarrold

Griffin Thomas Jutze                   Jillian McClure Vogler

Steven Frederick Tippenhauer      Ellie Nicole Rudolph




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