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Mardi Gras


2019 Mardi Gras
Congratulations (left to right) to Captain, Vincent Ramundo; Queen, Georgia Cheek;
Maid of Honor, Jill Tore; and King, Myles Bailey.

The Annual Mardi Gras Pageant and Ball, the most prestigious student event of the year at Archbishop McNicholas High School, honors 40 senior students who have given their time and talents in service to the school and community throughout their high school experience. During the evening ceremonies, a Mardi Gras King and Queen are crowned. The King and Queen are the highest vote getters amongst the senior class. The King, Queen and Court then preside over a formal dance open to all McNicholas students.

The Senior Court consists of the top 20 young men and top 20 young women who have actively participated in school events and organizations. Membership on the Court is a result of four years of compiled voting from students and faculty. The top four sophomore and junior young men and women constitute the honor guard.

The Captain of the Ball receives the second highest votes among young men in the senior class. The Maid of Honor receives the second highest votes among young women in the senior class. The announcement of the Captain of the Ball and Maid of Honor kicks off the Mardi Gras season at McNicholas. The Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded McNicholas High School, brought the Mardi Gras tradition to the school in 1952.

The 67th annual Mardi Gras took place on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019 with the theme of Masquerade Ball. Mr. Frank Lowden was the emcee for the evening. Miranda Almer, daughter of Cheslea and Dan Almer, and Nolan Ey, son of Andy Ey, were pages.



Myles Michael Bailey                                                                       Madison Lucille Boeckman 

Benjamin Carson Bryll                                                                     Abigail Katherine Bryll       

Nathaniel William Chambers                                                         Emily Grace Byrne              

Mark Benjamin Dill                                                                         Georgia Ruth Cheek            

Samuel Joseph Durm                                                                       Carly Elizabeth Fehr           

Daniel James English                                                                       Annabelle Briggs Fisher      

Garrett Daley Estes                                                                          Victoria Lynn Gould           

Bryan Arthur Fehr                                                                           Lauren Maria Holaday       

Michael Bradley Fehr                                                                       Elizabeth Claire Huber       

Andrew Gerald Geers                                                                      Haley Kristine Kohl             

Bryce Joseph Kellerman                                                                   McKenzie Rita Miller          

Aaron Jonathan Lynd                                                                      Ellen Kathleen Moss            

Thomas Keita McDermott                                                               Katherine Ann Murray       

Jack Adrian Potter                                                                          Lilly Renee Osterday           

Matthew Patrick Pryor                                                                Danielle Renee Klysz Robben     

Vincent Salvatore Ramundo                                                             Margaret Jane Schoolfield   

Jacob Andrew Reuss                                                                     Carlie Elizabeth Suttles       

Joshua Patrick Scales                                                                   Jillian Katherine Tore          

John Patrick Sheehan                                                                     Olivia Grace Tore                

Thomas Ton That                                                                             Lillian Grace Zimmerman

CLASS OF 2020 HONOR GUARD                                      

William Clarence Brokamp                                                             Harper Kelly Esterle            

Adam Jacob Helwig                                                                        Madison Elizabeth Kouche 

Donald Eli Noble                                                                             Grace Elizabeth Rosenbaum

Brian Thomas Reed Jr                                                                   Brianna Nicole Taylor


Ayden James Bailey                                                                        Claire Antoinette Crawford 

Andrew John Farmer                                                                      Aimee Margaret Gauger     

Brady Macke Hopkins                                                                     Mary Louise Nelson            

Christian James Mullis                                                                    Olivia Elizabeth Rohling

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