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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities at McNicholas provide students with opportunities and experiences that will enable them to achieve excellence, live out gospel values, and attain full stature in Christ outside of the regular curriculum or program of courses.  McNicholas extracurricular activities challenge students to grow spiritually, intellectually, morally, and physically.  Each extracurricular has its own set of guidelines and/or bylaws that must be followed.

Academic Team
Moderator: Shawn Young and Angie Noble 

The Academic Team competes against other schools for local, regional, and state titles in academic achievement. Members are required to attend weekly practices and matches. Students do not have to pay any fees to join the team. The team practices after school on Mondays and competes at Cincinnati State on Tuesdays. The team as a whole must follow the bylaws set by the Greater Cincinnati Academic League.

Architecture Club
Moderator: Ms. Gaskins

The McNicholas Architecture Club, is a student group that visits buildings, views drawings, builds small scale models, and is a platform to encourage critical discussion about architecture. We will investigate architectures culture, rich diversity of architects, ideas, and narratives.

Art Club
Moderator: Mary Beth Sandmann

Art club offers time and space for creative exploration. It is open to all who are interested in hands-on learning through visual expression in a casual atmosphere. The club makes and delivers Christmas cards to troops abroad as well as to local retirement facilities, paints auction items to benefit various service organizations, paints storefront windows for the Christmas season, and provides visual assistance in school theatre and musical productions.

Ecology Club
Moderator: Mary Dennemann

The overall purpose of the Ecology Club is to raise awareness and practice environmental stewardship on campus and in our community. The club offers educational field trips and work days as well. Students are to help empty office recycling bins on a weekly basis as well as classroom bins as needed. Two hours of volunteer work per quarter are required. The club meets on the first or final Friday of the months that focus on some activity. 

INTERalliance Club
Moderator: Jolene Esz

With more than 60 high schools and 45 companies involved, INTERalliance enables students to explore technology careers through coaching by technology professionals. 

International Club
Moderator: Carla Wessels

The International Club’s objective is to have students exposed to the customs and cuisines of different cultures. Every month the students select an ethnic restaurant in the Cincinnati area and we meet either for lunch or dinner. The club meets once a month after school to discuss the activities for the following month.

Mock Trial
Moderator: TBD

Ohio High School Mock Trial offers an innovative approach to learning about law and how our legal system functions. Guided by teachers and volunteer legal advisors, students participate in an original, unscripted simulated trial written by attorneys. High school students argue both sides of the case in real courtrooms across the state. For additional information, visit . Meetings generally are conducted several days a week after school from mid-October through February in Room 103.

Peer Mentors
Moderator: Matt Wehrman

Peer Mentors are a group of seniors who serve the McNicholas community through mentoring the freshmen. Seniors must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA, be in good standing, and submit a completed application with teacher reference. Peer Mentors meet with freshmen twice a month during homeroom, in addition to meetings scheduled as needed, and participate in activities and events throughout the year.

Respect Life/Rockets for Life 
Moderators: Tracey Canisalez, Willy Corbett and Barb Gillming

A group that whole-heartedly believes that life is a gift from God. And that every human life is sacred from conception to natural death. We have pro-life poster contests, participate in a Day of Silence, have guest speakers, hold baby showers, donate to local pregnancy centers, pray the rosary, construct cemeteries of innocence, pro-life displays, Banquet for Life, 5K run, March for Life, cupcakes for life, 40 Days for Life, etc.
At our first meeting we will discuss upcoming events for the year.

Service Club
Moderator: Sam Roflow

Service Club plans, implements, and promotes school-wide service projects such as: Warm Clothing Drive, Fast and Food Collections, Christmas Gift Collection, Penny Drive to support Catholic education for those in need, Sem Haven Senior Prom, and Adopt-A-Highway. The group meets Wednesday mornings before school as required.

Student Council
Moderator:  Jennifer Tumser
Student Council develops leadership skills through planning and executing various activities throughout the year that focus on service to the school and improving the quality of student life. Members are appointed to Student Council via an application and election process.  Freshmen elections are held in early October while general elections are held in April or May for the upcoming academic year.  All members must attend weekly meetings, participate in Student Council events, and sign the Student Council Honor Code and Student Council Bylaws. Student Council meets on Tuesdays at 7:10 a.m.


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