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Our CREW program creates meaningful time, space, and activities to help us grow in relationship with ourselves, others, and our loving God. 

A CREW, which is a group of approximately 12 students, meets daily with a mentor teacher for intentional formation and mentoring. Our focus in CREW is on building healthy relationships that support academic excellence, faith formation, compassionate leadership, stewardship, and competitive spirit.

Students sort cards in a critical thinking game.
Students take a morning walk with their CREW mentor.
Students navigate a high ropes course on a CREW leadership retreat.

Using these virtues as our guiding principles, CREW helps us nurture a happy, healthy, and holy culture that supports all members our McNicholas family.

C = Courage

R = Resilience

E = Enthusiasm

W = Wisdom


For questions about CREW, please contact

Todd Naumann

Todd Naumann

Teacher, Student Culture Coordinator, Assistant Football Coach