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Spiritual Life

Campus Ministry at Archbishop McNicholas High School invites all students, faculty, and staff to become actively involved in helping to bring alive the Spirit of Christ in our community.  At McNicholas, we do this through experiences and opportunities in three main areas of ministry: liturgical and sacramental life, faith building and retreats, and by serving God through serving others.

At McNicholas High School we are a little different. We do service because we are called as Catholics to be servants by Christ. The message of Jesus and scripture is ripe with the importance of service, culminating in Jesus' discourse on the Corporal Works of Mercy. Our service is not to look good or to market. We do not plan our service program to sell our school. Christian service is humble, giving, quiet acts of kindness. Each of our students is required to do a small amount of service to whet their appetites. They are responsible for their own service, to choose the area to which they are personally called, to take responsibility and own it. The results are that each class over the last couple of decade have done over 20,000 hours of service in their own personal way. Though comprehensive, there is nothing spectacular about this. There are no huge events to publicize and receive credit. That is Christian Service. Service is part of who we are. It is quiet, humble and very, very genuine.

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