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Awards and Honors

Fall 2018

Fall Sports Awards Summary



Record: 1-9

GCL Co-Defensive Player of the Year- Jason Fehr

  • GCL 1st Team Offense- Bryce Kellerman, Austin Ramey
  •  GCL 2nd Team Offense- Andrew Clark, Chris Walter
  • GCL 1st Team Defense- Jason Fehr, Ben Jossart, Michael Schaeper
  • GCL 2nd Team Defense- Ryan Gear, Thomas McDermott, Josh Schaefer, Kody Stein
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Jason Fehr
  • Most Outstanding Co-Offensive Players – Andrew Clark, Bryce Kellerman
  • SW District 1st Team- Jason Fehr
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player-  Jason Fehr
  • Rocket Award Recipient – Jason Fehr
  • Doesn’t Matter, Get Better Award- Bryan Fehr

Men’s Golf  

Record: 3-9

Ben Bryll, Bryce Fisher Qualified to District

  • 1st Team GCL Coed- Bryce Fisher
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Ben Bryll
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Ben Bryll, Bryce Fisher
  • MVP- Ben Bryll
  • Most Improved- Nathan Braig
  • Rocket Award- Bryce Fisher

Women’s Golf   

Record: 9-5

Team Qualified to District

Sydney Mallaley Qualifed to State placed 13th

 GCL Central, SW District, & Cincinnati Enquirer Player of the Year- Sydney Mallaley

  • 1st team GCL Central- Sydney Mallaley, Lydia Geygan
  • 1st team SW District- Lydia Gegyan
  • SW District Honorable Mention- Annabelle Fisher
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Annabelle Fisher, Lydia Geygan
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Megan Fein, Megan Suckow
  • MVP- Sydney Mallaley
  • Most Improved- Megan Fein
  • Rocket Award- Lydia Geygan 

Men’s Soccer

Record: 4-10-2    PS: 5-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central-  Daniel English, Grant Murray
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Ben Berger, Evan Brunot, Stephen Collette
  • 1st Team All SW District
  • 1st Team All State- Grant Murray
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Grant Murray
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Daniel English, J.P. Sheehan
  • SWOHSCCA Senior All-Star Game- Daniel English, Grant Murray
  • MVP- Grant Murray
  • Best Offensive Player- Evan Brunot
  • Best Defensive Player- Daniel English
  • Most Improved- Sam Durm
  • Rocket Award- J.P. Sheehan


Women’s Soccer

Record:  0-14-1  PS: 1-1

Ben Kirkpatrick received the Sportsmanship, Ethics, & Integrity Award for SW Ohio

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Christina Poole, Rachel Wittwer
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Emma McSwigan, Carlie Suttles
  • SWOHSCCA Senior All-Star Game- Christina Poole
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Christina Poole, Rachel Wittwer
  • MVP- Christina Poole
  • Best Offensive Player- Emma McSwigan
  • Best Defensive Player- Christina Poole
  • Most Improved- Ellie Fullerton
  • Rocket Award- Carlie Suttles



Record: 10-12   PS: 4-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Abby Bryll, Alyssa Herper, Caroline Pour
  • 2nd Team  GCL Coed Central- Maggie Butkovich, Sarah Snyder
  • District 16 1st Team- Abby Bryll
  • District 16 2nd Team- Alyssa Herper, Caroline Pour
  • District 16 Senior All-Star Game- Abby Bryll, Alyssa Herper
  • District 16 Senior City Showcase- Jasmine Burkhardt, Sarah Snyder
  • OHSVCA All Ohio Team Honorable Mention- Abby Bryll
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Abby Bryll
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Alyssa Herper, Caroline Pour
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Sarah Snyder, Maggie Butkovich
  • OHSVCA State All-Star Match- Abby Bryll
  • MVP- Alyssa Herper
  • Best Defensive Player- Abby Bryll
  • Best Offensive Player- Caroline Pour
  • Most Improved- Emily Byrne
  • Rocket Award- Emma Jasper




  • MVP- Abby Jarrold
  • Most Improved Player- Claire Crawford
  • Rocket Award- Haley Kohl

Women’s Cross Country

Grace Rosenbaum qualified to Regionals

  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- McKenzie Miller, Grace Rosenbaum
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Sarah Burch
  • MVP- Grace Rosenbaum
  • Most Improved Runner- Skylar Kutcher
  • Rocket Award- McKenzie Miller

Men’s Cross Country

Team Qualified to Regionals

  • GCL 1st Team- Ian Burt
  • GCL 2nd Team- Aiden Burt, Charlie Taylor
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Ian Burt
  • MVP- Ian Burt
  • Most Improved- Garrett Mindrum
  • Rocket Award- Michael Deyhle

Football Cheerleading

  • MVP- Julia Vogele
  • Most Improved- Julia Smith
  • Rocket Award- Georgia Cheek
















Winter 2018-19

Men’s Basketball

Record: 14-8    PS: 1-1

  • 1st Team GCL Co-Ed Central- Evan Brunot, Josh Burkhardt
  • 2nd Team GCL Co-Ed Central- Bryce Kellerman
  • 2nd  Team Div. II District 16- Josh Burkhardt
  • Honorable Mention Div. II District 16- Evan Brunot
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Josh Burkhardt, Evan Brunot
  • MVP- Josh Burkhardt
  • Most Improved Player- Evan Brunot
  • Best Defensive Player- Patrick Johnson
  • Leadership Award- Bryce Kellerman

Women’s Basketball    

Record: 11-11    PS: 3-1

Sectional Champs

GCL Coed Central Division Coach of the Year- Gregg Flammer

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Emily Byrne
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Liz Huber
  • 1st Team District 16- Emily Byrne
  • 2nd Team District 16- Julia Brune, Liz Huber
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Emily Byrne
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Julia Brune, Liz Huber
  • MVP- Emily Byrne
  • Best Defensive Player- Liz Huber
  • Most Improved Player- Lydia Geygan
  • Coaches Award- Maggie Schoolfield
  • Toughness Award- Christina Poole
  • Rocket Award- Clare Donohoe

 Men’s Bowling

Record: 7-15

  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Andrew Farmer, Christopher Georgiades
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Andy Farmer
  • MVP- Andy Farmer
  • Most Improved Bowler- Christopher Georgiades
  • Rocket Award- Adam Helwig


Women’s Bowling

Record: 5-12

  • GCL Coed 2nd Team- Hailey Bell, Frances Granlund
  • GCL Coed Honorable Mention- Elizabeth Granlund
  • MVP- Frances Granlund
  • Most Improved Bowler- Elizabeth Granlund
  • Rocket Award- Hailey Bell


Swimming & Diving

  • Women’s MVP- Grace Rosenbaum
  • Men’s MVP- Phil Miller
  • Most Improved Swimmer Women- Kyla Crowe
  • Most Improved Swimmer Men- Evan Bolin
  • Rocket Award Women- Emily Potter
  • Rocket Award Men- Nick Russo



Pierce Taylor & Ryan Gear qualified to District

Pierce Taylor Qualified to State Tournament

  • GCL Coed 2nd Team- Pierce Taylor, Ryan Gear, Chris Walter
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Pierce Taylor
  • Cincinanti Enquirer 2nd Team- Ryan Gear
  • Most Valuable Wrestler- Ryan Gear
  • Most Improved Wrestler- Vincent Beiser
  • Rocket Award- Pierce Taylor

Basketball Cheerleading

  • MVP- Julia Vogele
  • Most Improved- Stella Umstead
  • Rocket Award- Loghan Voelker
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