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Awards and Honors

Fall 2017

Fall Sports Awards Summary



Record: 6-4

GCL Co-Ed Champions

GCL Coed Coach of the Year- Mike Orlando

GCL Co-Offensive Player of the Year- Cole Burdick

GCL Defensive Player of the Year- Jackson Gear

  • GCL 1st Team Offense- Cole Burdick, Matthew Neuzil, Sam Martin, Paul Rammel, Peter Verdin
  •  GCL 2nd Team Offense- Andrew Clark, Gabe Dotterweich, James Ehlers
  • GCL 1st Team Defense- Jackson Gear, Jason Fehr, Chris Wittwer
  • GCL 2nd Team Defense- Ryan Belmont, Matthew Isemann, Matthew Neuzil, Michael Schaeper
  • All SW District 1st team Defense- Jackson Gear
  • All SW District 2nd team Defense- Cole Burdick
  • 2nd Team  All State- Jackson Gear
  • Anthony Munoz Foundation Div. III Defensive Lineman of the Year- Jackson Gear

Men’s Golf  

Regular Season Record: 4-8

GCL 3rd Place

Sectionals 6th Place

Ben Bryll qualified to Districts

  • 1st Team GCL Coed- Bryce Fisher
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Brandon Fulmer, Dillon Ridgway
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team-
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team-
  • MVP- Bryce Fisher
  • Most Improved- Wade Brokamp
  • Rocket Award- Dillon Ridgway

Women’s Golf   

Record: 7-5

3rd in the League

2nd   at Sectional, 6th at District

GCL Central Player of the Year- Sydney Mallaley

  • 1st team GCL Central- Sydney Mallaley
  • 2nd team GCL Central- Kiley Byrne, Lydia Geygan
  • Honorable Mention  Southwest District- Avery Dietz
  • MVP- Sydney Mallaley
  • Most Improved- Megan Fein
  • Rocket Award- Lydia Geygan

Men’s Soccer

Record: 7-6-3     PS: 2-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central-  Evan Brunot, Timmy Diana, Sean McHale, Grant Murray
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Stephen Collette, Daniel English, Soren Koch-Hutchinson, Matt Pryor
  • All City- Timmy Diana, Sean McHale, Grant Murray
  • All State- Sean McHale
  • MVP- Grant Murray
  • Best Offensive Player- Sean McHale
  • Best Defensive Player- Timmy Diana
  • Most Improved- Stephen Collette
  • Rocket Award- Nick Longbottom

Women’s Soccer

Record: 8-6-4   PS: 1-1

GCL Coed Central Champions

Sectional Champs

District Champs

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Mackenzie Burdick,Megan Kehres, Maria Randolph, Allison Vaughn
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Nadia Bentley, Emma McSwigan, Grace Moschel, Abby Wesselkamper
  • All District- Megan Kehres, Mackenzie Burdick
  • Cincinnati Enquirer All City- Megan Kehres, Mackenzie Burdick
  • 2nd Team All State- Megan Kehres
  • MVP- Megan Kehres
  • Best Offensive Player- Abby Wesselkamper
  • Best Defensive Player- Maria Randolph
  • Most Improved- Sami Moser
  • Rocket Award- Nadia Bentley


Record:  16-5    PS: 2-1

GCL Central Champs

Sectional Champs

GCL Central Player of the Year- Grace Turner

District 16 Div. II Player of the Year- Grace Turner

Cincinnati Enquirer Player of the Year- Grace Turner

GCL Central Co Coach of the Year- Melissa Luckey

District 16 Div. II Coach of the Year- Melissa Luckey

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Paxton Albrinck, Abby Bryll, Grace Turner
  • 2nd Team  GCL Coed Central- Caroline Pour, Gracie Rudolph
  • District 16 1st Team- Grace Turner, Paxton Albrinck
  • District 16 2nd Team- Abby Bryll
  • District 16 3rd Team- Caroline Pour
  • Cincinnati Enquirer All City First Team- Paxton Albrinck
  • Cincinnati Enquirer All City Second Team- Abby Bryll
  • Cincinnati Enquirer All City Honorable Mention- Caroline Pour
  • All State 2nd Team- Grace Turner
  • AVCA Under Armor HS All American 3rd Team- Grace Turner
  • MVP- Grace Turner
  • Best Defensive Player- Abby Bryll
  • Best Offensive Player- Grace Turner
  • Most Improved- Jasmine Burkhardt
  • Rocket Award- Paxton Albrinck


Record: 2-10

  • MVP- Abby Jarrold
  • Most Improved Player- Claire Crawford
  • Rocket Award- Haley Kohl

Women’s Cross Country

  • MVP- Sara Burch
  • Most Improved Runner- Casey Marshall
  • Rocket Award- Lilly Osterday

Men’s Cross Country

  • MVP- Charles Taylor
  • Most Improved- Ian Burt
  • Rocket Award- Felix Palumbo

Football Cheerleading

 MVP- Julia Straub

  • Most Improved- Sally Smith
  • Rocket Award- Georgia Cheek








Winter 2016-17

Winter Sports Awards Summary


 Men’s Basketball

Record: 12-10  PS: 0-1

  • 1st Team GCL Co-Ed Central- Cole Burdick, Ryan Reidy
  • 2nd Team GCL Co-Ed Central- Nathan Brunot, Cameron Haynes
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2ND Team- Ryan Reidy
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Cole Burdick
  • MVP- Cole Burdick
  • Most Improved Player-  Ryan Belmont
  • Best Defensive Player- Michael Lang
  • Leadership Award- Ryan Reidy

Women’s Basketball    

Record: 12-10 PS: 2-1

GCL Coed Central Player of the Year- Jaclyn Geygan

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Katey Byrne, Jaclyn Geygan
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Emily Byrne, Liz Huber
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Jaclyn Geygan
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Katey Byrne
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Emily Byrne, Julia Brune, Liz Huber
  • MVP- Jaclyn Geygan
  • Best Defensive Player- Liz Huber
  • Most Improved Player- Julia Brune
  • Coaches Award- Katey Byrne
  • Rocket Award- Morgan Vogler

Men’s Bowling

Record: 8-11

Noah Pasco Qualified to Districts

  • 2nd Team GCL Coed – Brian Roesel
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- William Granlund, Brian Roesel
  • MVP- Brian Roesel
  • Most Improved Bowler- Andrew Russell
  • Rocket Award- Noah Pasco

 Women’s Bowling

Record: 4-8

 GCL Coed Second Team- Hailey Bell

  • MVP- Hailey Bell
  • Most Improved Bowler- Anne Savage
  • Rocket Award- Jordan McCormick

 Swimming & Diving

Nick Rosenbaum broke 2 school records:

Nick Rosenbaum was 16th @ State

  • MVP- Nick Rosenbaum
  • Most Improved Swimmer- Emily Potter
  • Rocket Award- Natalie Martinez  
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed-
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Nick Rosenbaum



Jackson Gear placed 2nd at District to qualify for State

  • GCL Coed 1st Team- Andrew Walsh, Jackson Gear
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- 182 wt. class Jackson Gear
  • Most Valuable Wrestler- Jackson Gear
  • Most Improved Wrestler- Ryan Gear
  • Rocket Award- Andrew Walsh

 Dance Team

  • MVP- Kate Whitesell
  • Most Improved- Isabella Mulvey
  • Rocket Award- Kate Murray

 Basketball Cheerleading

  • MVP- Ali Westerkamp
  • Most Improved- Annie Kautz
  • Rocket Award- Cameron Cheevers
Spring 2017


Record: 9-15  PS: 1-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Brian Ford, Michael Lang
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Zach Arnold, Jackson Haas, Zach Woodke
  • SWOBCA 1st team- Michael Lang
  • SWOBCA 2nd team- Zach Arnold, Brian Ford
  • SWOBCA Honorable Mention- Jackson Haas, Zach Woodke
  • 1st Team Cincinnati Enquirer- Michael Lang
  • 2nd Team Cincinnati Enquirer- Brian Ford, Zach Arnold
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Zach Woodke
  • MVP – Brian Ford
  • Most Improved Player- Mitchell Kling
  • Best Defensive Player- Luke Brooks
  • Best Offensive Player- Michael Lang
  • Rocket Award- Brett Liming
  • Jeffrey A. Smith Leadership Award- Zach Woodke


Record: 13-8   PS: 1-1

GCL CoEd Central Division Athlete of the Year- Christiane Hazzard

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Christiane Hazzard, Emma Melcher, Maddie Whitmore
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Alessia Accordino, Hope Bridgers, Abby Bryll
  • 1st Team Cincinnati Enquirer- Christiane Hazzard, Emma Melcher, Maddie Whitmore
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Alessia Accordino, Hpe Bridgers, Abby Bryll
  • MVP- Christiane Hazzard
  • Most Improved Player- Abby Bryll
  • Best Defensive Player- Hope Bridgers
  • Best Offensive Player- Maddie Whitmore
  • Rocket Award- Alessia Accordino

Men’s Tennis

Record: 3-8

  • 2nd  Team GCL Coed- Ryan Stephens, Trevor Wray
  • MVP- Ryan Stephens
  • Most Improved Player- Kyle Bolin  
  • Rocket Award- Zane Brownrigg

Women’s Track

3rd at Districts

Liz Huber high jump District champion

Morgan Vogler 100 and 300 hurdle District champion

  • 1st Team GCL Coed – Morgan Vogler
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed –Meagan Taylor
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Morgan Vogler
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Meagan Taylor
  • MVP Track- Morgan Vogler
  • MVP Field- Erica Gumbert
  • Most Improved Athlete- Sarah Burch
  • Rocket Award- Carmen Feck

Men’s Track

  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Thomas Moore
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Thomas Moore
  • MVP Track- Evan Pour
  • MVP Field- Thomas Moore
  • Most Improved Athlete- Michael White
  • Rocket Award- Ben Johnston

Men’s Volleyball

Record: 17-6    PS: 2-1

Regional Champs

State Final Four

Cincinnati Enquirer Player of the Year- Andy Schmidt

Cincinnati Enquirer Coach of the Year- Julie Mulvey

  • 1st Team GCL Coed – Peter Fisher, Alex Wehmeyer
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Alex Diemling, Nathan Hamad
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Andy Schmidt, Peter Fisher, Alex Wehmeyer
  • MVP- Andy Schmidt
  • Most Improved Player- Peter Fisher
  • Best Defensive Player- Alex Wehmeyer
  • Best Offensive Player- Andy Schmidt
  • Rocket Award- Nathan Hamad

Men’s Lacrosse

Record:     PS:

  • First Team All-SW Ohio-  
  • Second Team All-SW Ohio-
  • Honorable Mention All-SW Ohio-
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Ben Rodell
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Caige Beuerlein, Jason Fehr
  • MVP- Ben Rodell
  • Most Improved Player- Michael Schaeper  
  • Rocket Award- Rielly Dowell-Howko

Women’s Lacrosse

Record: 3-11    PS:0-1

  • MVP- Katie McCort
  • Best Defensive Player- Kiley Byrne
  • Best Offensive Player- Lauren Riede
  • Most Improved Player- Carley Fehr
  • Rocket Award- Madison Marcum
  • Rookie of the Year- Sydney Mallaley
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