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Awards and Honors

Fall 2019

2019-2020 Fall Sports Awards Summary


Record: 3-7

  • GCL 2nd Team Defense- Caden Conrad, Ethan Upchurch
  • GCL 2nd Team Offense- Luke Doggett, Austin Ramey
  • Most Outstanding Offensive Players – Luke Doggett
  • Most Outstanding Defensive Player-  Ethan Upchurch
  • Rocket Award Recipient – Luke Doggett
  • Doesn’t Matter, Get Better Award- Jack Kamp


Men’s Golf  

Record: 4-14-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed- Kaden Dehner
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Bryce Fisher, Cam Yards
  • Honorable Mention GCL Coed- Nathan Braig
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Bryce Fisher, Camden Yards
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Nathan Braig, Christopher & Demetrios Georgiades
  • MVP- Nathan Braig
  • Most Improved- Kaden Dehner
  • Rocket Award- Christopher Georgiades


Women’s Golf   

Record: 21-22

GCL Central Player of the Year- Sydney Mallaley

Qualified to District Tournament- Sydney Mallaley, Lydia Geygan


  • 1st team GCL Central- Sydney Mallaley, Lydia Geygan
  • 3rd team GCL Central- Megan Fein
  • 1st team SW District- Lydia Geygan, Sydne Mallaley
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Sydney Mallaley
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Lydia Geygan
  • MVP- Sydney Mallaley
  • Most Improved- Megan Fein
  • Rocket Award- Lydia Geygan


Men’s Soccer

Record: 6-9-1 PS: 2-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed -  Evan Brunot, Ben Berger, Stephen Collette
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed - Tyler Walter, Timmy Griffin, Mac Holt
  • Honorable Mention GCL Coed – Griffin Must
  • All City 1st Team- Evan Brunot, Ben Berger
  • All City Honorable Mention- Timmy Griffin, Stephen Collette
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Evan Brunot
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Ben Berger, Stephen Collette
  • MVP- Evan Brunot
  • Best Offensive Player- Tyler Walter
  • Best Defensive Player- Ben Berger
  • Most Improved- Mac Holt
  • Rocket Award- Stephen Collette


Women’s Soccer

Record: 1-14-1  PS: 1-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed - Abby Wesselkamper
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed - Tara Rammel, Emma McSwigan
  • Honorable Mention GCL Coed - Maddy Beerman
  • 1st Team SW District- Abby Wesselkamper
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Abby Wesselkamper
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Maddie Beerman, Emma McSwigan
  • MVP- Abby Wesselkamper
  • Best Offensive Player- Emma McSwigan
  • Best Defensive Player- Tara Rammel
  • Most Improved- Maggie Mulvaney
  • Rocket Award- Ella Heidorn



Record: 10-12   PS: 1-1

  • 1st Team GCL Coed Central- Rachel Jeffries
  • 2nd Team  GCL Coed Central- Lainey Doggett, Ashley Jarrold
  • Honorable Mention GCL Coed Central- Maggie Haap
  • District 16 2nd  Team- Rachel Jeffries, Ashley Jarrold
  • District 16 3rd Team- Lainey Doggett
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 2nd Team- Rachel Jeffries
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Lainey Doggett,  Ashley Jarrold
  • MVP- Rachel Jeffries
  • Best Defensive Player- Maggie Haap
  • Best Offensive Player- Ashley Jarrold
  • Most Improved- Savannah Jostworth
  • Rocket Award- Lainey Doggett



Record: 6-10

  • MVP- Abby Jarrold
  • Most Improved Player- Sophia Aguiluz
  • Rocket Award- Bridget Schmitt


Women’s Cross Country

  • GCL 2nd Team- Grace Rosenbaum
  • MVP- Grace Rosenbaum
  • Most Improved Runner- Lauren Cox
  • Rocket Award- Marie Steinkuhl


Men’s Cross Country

Team Qualified to Regionals

Charlie Taylor Qualified to State

  • GCL 1st Team- Ian Burt, Charlie Taylor
  • GCL 2nd Team- Aiden Burt
  • GCL 3rd Team- Ayden Bailey, Alex Russo
  • Cincinnati Enquirer 1st Team- Charlie Taylor, Ian Burt
  • Cincinnati Enquirer Honorable Mention- Ayden Bailey, Aiden Burt, Alex Russo
  • MVP- Charlie Taylor
  • Most Improved- Bobby Fechtel
  • Rocket Award- Ian Burt


Football Cheerleading

  • MVP- Loghan Voelker, Allison Young
  • Most Improved- Maggie Scott
  • Rocket Award- Ellie Rudolph
Winter 2019-2020



Winter Sports Awards Summary



Men’s Basketball

Record:  15-7  PS: 2-1

GCL Co-ed Co-Player of the Year- Evan Brunot

  • 1st Team GCL Co-Ed Central- Evan Brunot,
  • 2nd Team GCL Co-Ed Central- Larry Kocisko, Nick Schulte
  • 1st Team Div. II District 16- Evan Brunot
  • OH SW District 2nd Team- Evan Brunot
  • Honorable Mention Div. II District 16- Larry Kocisko
  • MVP- Evan Brunot
  • Most Improved Player- Larry Kocisko
  • Best Defensive Player- Caden Conrad
  • Rocket Award- Brian Reed Jr., Griffin Jutze
  • Leadership Award- Caden Conrad

Women’s Basketball    

Record: 4-18    PS: 1-1

  • 2nd Team GCL Coed Central- Emma McSwigan
  • MVP- Maddie Kouche
  • Best Defensive Player- Haven Dwyer
  • Most Improved Player- Bella Neal
  • Coaches Award- Emma McSwigan
  • Toughness Award- Tara Rammel
  • Rocket Award- Lydia Geygan


Men’s Bowling

Record: 11-9

  • 1st  Team GCL Coed- Chris Georgiades
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Meechie Georgiades
  • 3rd Team GCL Coed- Adam Helwig
  • MVP- Christopher Georgiades
  • Most Improved Bowler- Demetrios Georgiades
  • Rocket Award- Adam Helwig

Women’s Bowling

Record: 6-14

Anna Klug qualified to Districts-finished 80th

  • 1st Team GCL Coed – Liz Granlund
  • 2nd Team GCL Coed- Anna Klug
  • MVP- Anna Klug
  • Most Improved Bowler- Elizabeth Granlund
  • Rocket Award- Nicole Bell

Swimming & Diving

Phil Miller and Brady Horgan qualified to the State Meet

Phil finished 16th in the 500 free and Brady finished 19th in the 100 free

•     Women’s MVP- Grace Rosenbaum

  • Men’s MVP- Phil Miller
  • Most Improved Swimmer Women- Kyla Crowe
  • Most Improved Swimmer Men- Jack Everhart
  • Rocket Award Women- Allison Plush

     Rocket Award Men- Evan Bolin



Ryan Gear, Pierce Taylor Qualified to District

  • GCL Coed 1st Team- Pierce Taylor
  • GCL Coed 2nd Team- Ryan Gear
  • GCL Coed Honorable Mention- Vincent Beiser
  • SWOCA Div. III Player of the Year- Pierce Taylor
  • Most Valuable Wrestler- Pierce Taylor
  • Most Improved Wrestler- Vincent Beiser
  • Rocket Award- Ryan Gear


Basketball Cheerleading

  • MVP- Loghan Voelker
  • Most Improved- Dani Ayers
  • Rocket Award- Whitney Stanforth
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