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McNicholas Military


McNicholas Military Memorial

Archbishop McNicholas High School recognizes the service to our country that many of our graduates have given over the years. We enjoy our freedom because so many have made a sacrifice to protect us. Let us always remember to thank our active service men and women and our veterans who have given so much.

In 2008, a group of volunteers from the McNicholas community came together to turn a long-discussed concept into a reality. The idea was to honor all McNicholas alumni who have served in the Armed Forces, and to pay special tribute to five graduates who gave their lives in the line of duty. The McNicholas Memorial Committee was formed with members consisting of McNicholas alumni and family members of the deceased soldiers.

Over the next year and a half, the committee met regularly to share design ideas, source materials and contractors and raise all the necessary funds to complete the project. Dances were held, engraved brick pavers were sold and donations were requested to raise approximately $50,000 for the project. The memorial was dedicated on May 15, 2009 and honors Marty Mugavin ('65), Greg Iding ('65), Joe Berning ('69), Chuck Kiser ('85), and Nick Erdy ('02). Gwyn Bush and David Cooper ('78) spoke at the dedication.

Since that time, other improvements such as expanded landscaping, lighting, and benches have been added.

The Military Memorial Committee remains an active part of McNicholas High School with its new focus of providing scholarships for incoming freshmen. Anyone interested in joining the committee, please contact Jim Hay at (513) 236-7609 on

If you know anyone who is not on our list, or have information that is missing from our list, please contact Shawn Young, Manager of Alumni Relations and Special Events, at 231-3500 x5850 or with their information.

Class of 1951 - 1959
Robert J. Bare* - Air Force
Philip J. Bloom - Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force
John A. Blum - Navy 
Robert Brockman - Army
David T. Celesti* - Marines 
John L. Celesti* - Marines 
James F. Coldiron - Army 
John R. Couzins - Corporal, Army 
Lawrence H. Dennedy* - Army 
Norbert J. Doran - Coast Guard 
Vincent R. Ehemann* - Navy Reserve
Thomas L. Eichhorn - Seaman 1st Class, Coast Guard 
William D. Feldhues* - Air Force
Michael J. Flanigan - Lance Corporal Marines 
Richard O. Fussner* - Army 
Fred A. Gebell, Navy
Tom L. Habegger - Specialist 4th Class, Army Reserve 
Michael G. Harms - ET2, Navy 
William C. Hartlaub 
Lawrence B. Hornschemeier* - Air Force
Timothy C. Johnson - Corporal, Marines 
Ralph R. Kohlem - Army 
Gerald E. Masterson - Captain, Army 
John T. McTighe - Commander, Navy 
Donald L. Murdock* - Air Force
John C. Nichols* - Army 
Robert J. Nieberding - Air Force 
Joseph C. Panko - Sergeant, Army 
James E. Penker - US Coast Guard 
Timothy L. Reed - Navy 
Jeffrey E. Reeves - Army and Air Force
Patrick A. Reeves* - Army 
Thomas A. Robinson - Army 
William Bing Robinson - Staff Sergeant, Army
Edward Ruehlman - Lance Corporal, Marines 
R. Michael Scully* - Navy 
Guy H. Sherman - Private 1st Class, Army
William W. Stacey - Army 
Peter F. Sterbling - Commander, Coast Guard 
Patrick J. Swift* - Air Force 
John Vuotto - Navy
Leo J. Wenstrup - Army
Class of 1960 - 1969
Richard Ahlrichs - Major, Army
Robert H. Amshoff - Army
Douglas Auxier - Captain Army National Guard 
James A. Barker * - Army
William L. Barker 
Robert M. Batchelor - Specialist 4th Class, Army 
Dennis Belcuore - Army
Joseph C. Belcuore - Army
Joseph R. Berning* - Chief Warrant Officer, Army 
Nicholas L. Berning - First Lieutenant, Army
Michael R. Birkley - Staff Sergeant, Air Force
John T. Blackwelder - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Gene R. Blom - Navy
Stephen W. Bloom - Sergeant, Army Reserves
Dennis R. Bloom* - Sergeant, Air Force
Daniel L. Breitenbach - Colonel, Army 
Herb F. Brettl - Aviation Electrician 3rd Class, Navy
James A. Briede - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Barry W. Brown - Army 
William J. Brummer* - Army
John E. Burwell - Army National Guard 
Walter J. Carney - Marines 
Timothy J. Casey - Army
Raymond E. Cleary - Captain, Air Force
Nellie Harness Coakley 
Paul J. Coates - 1st Lieutenant, Army 
James T. Crane - Petty Officer 2nd Class, Navy 
Philip L. Crane - Specialist 4th Class, Army 
Dennis E. Crowley* - Marines 
James R. Custer - Air Force 
William Deimling - Sergeant, Army 
Gregory G. Deimling - Sergeant, Air Force 
Michael D. Ducheny - Staff Sergeant, Air Force
Richard J. Dumont - Private 1st Class, Marines 
Roland J. Dumont* - Corporal, Marines 
William C. Eckert - Sergeant, Army National Guard
Robert L. Ewers - Navy 
Emmett M. Ey - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Phillip C. Finn - 1st  Lieutenant, Army
Joseph E. Foley* - Coast Guard 
William G. Fox - Army
Gary J. Freemal - Master Sergeant, Air Force 
Thomas F. Fucito - Air Force 
Thomas R. Germann - Specialist 5th Class, Army
Greg J. Grant - Marines
Norbert G. Grant* - Sergeant, Air Force
Peter J. Grant - Marines 
James E. Grassinger - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Charles Q. Grueninger* 
Robert Guenther - Specialist 4th Class, Army 
Michael J. Hardisty - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Thomas Hay - Sergeant, Army 
Jerome L. Hirschauer - Sergeant, Army
William M. Hornsby* - Navy 
Daniel J. Hornschemeier - DT2, Navy
Paul C. Hornschemeier - MM3, Navy
Terry L. Hornschemeier* - Army
James W. Hosking* - Army 
Barry F. Hurlburt - Specialist 5th Class 
Gregory T. Iding* - Specialist 4th Class, Army 
Kenneth J. Ingram* - Army 
Daniel C. Jones - US Coast Guard
Donald P. Jones* - Marines
George Kamphaus - Army
Thomas W. Kanis - Lieutenant Colonel 
John J. Kennedy - Staff Sergeant, Air Force
Robert E. Kettman* - Lance Corporal, Marines 
Stephen A. Kohrman - Army 
Craig R. Landers - Sergeant 1st Class, Army National Guard 
Robert E. Laudeman - Army
Thomas A. Lind - Petty Officer 2nd Class, Navy 
Robert H. Loretz - Machinist Mate 2nd Class, Navy
Terry P. Madama - 3rd Class Petty Officer, Navy Reserve
William Tim Magee III 
Daniel A Magee * - Lieutenant Colonel, Army 
Stephen J. Marshall - Marines 
Lawrence G. Martin - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Gary L. Marx - Navy 
Carl M. Mattes - Illustrator Draftsman Third Class, Navy
John A. Mattes - Petty Officer 2nd Class, Navy 
Daniel Merz - Navy
Rodolfo Miguel - Sergeant, Army
J. Kenneth Moorhead - Specialist 5th Class, Army 
Martin M. Mugavin* - Specialist 4th Class, Army 
M. Eileen Murray 
Thomas E. Murray - 1st Lieutenant, Army 
James J. Noll - QM 3rd Class Petty Officer, Navy
Robert S. Ober - Navy 
Kenneth W. Ohmer* - Specialist 5th Class, Army 
John M. O'Brien - Navy 
John P. O'Connor - Marines
Richard T. O'Connor - Marines
Phillip G. Palmer - Air Force
Gregory J. Pfeiffer - Specialist 5th Class, Army
Gregory M. Powell - Navy 
Donald Quehl - Specialist 5th Class, Army 
Robert W. Quehl* 
William P. Reeves - Sergeant, Army
Cecil E. Replogle - Air Force
Albert J. Riestenberg - 3rd Class Petty Officer, Navy Reserve
John F. Rolsen - Colonel, Air Force 
Rodney J. Rom - Aviation Support Equipment 2nd Class, Navy
Ronald W. Rosselot - 1st Lieutenant, Army 
Joseph B. Roth - Sergeant, Marines 
James A. Schlosser - Navy 
Kenneth R. Schneider* - Army
Wilbert J. Schwinn - Major, Army
Richard M. Schmidt - Damage Control 2nd Class, US Coast Guard 
William R. Selzer - Navy
Theodore J. Sentker - Air Force
Gary A. Shaffer 
Walter Shaffer - Air Force 
Mark E. Sherman - 1st Lieutenant, Army 
Robert T. Smith - Marines 
R. Michael Smyth - Captain, Army 
Gregory P. Steible - Sergeant, Army 
Philip R. Sterbling - Colonel, Army 
Richard J. Strasinger* - Air Force 
Joseph Hank Szanti - Specialist 5th Class, Army
John L. Tennison - 1st Lieutenant, Army
James H. Thompson - Lieutenant Colonel, Army 
Carl Mike Vaught - Pharmacy Specialist 5th Class, Army 
John E. Weaver 
Charles Wenstrup - Coast Guard 
Gerald P. Werner - Specialist 5th Class, Army
Joseph Werner - Petty Officer 2nd Class, Navy
Raymond S. Wilkin - Navy 
Edward H. Wolf - Navy 
Robert A. Yeager - Specialist 4th Class, Army
Ronald T. Young - Navy 
David A. Zieverink - Army
Class of 1970 - 1979
William C. Barnett - Corporal, Marines 
Edward T. Bishop* - Army 
Matthew J. Calahan - Specialist, Army
Mary Ann Cline 
Jeffrey M. Coleman - Colonel, Air Force 
Steve W. Coleman* - Master Sergeant, Air Force  
David F. Cooper - Chief Warrant Officer 5, Army 
Gregory D. Delev - 2nd Lieutenant, Army National Guard 
Elizabeth Lennertz Damico - Captain, Air Force 
Lawrence E. Davis - Army 
Joseph M. Deimling - Army 
Suzanne C. Diemler - Air Force
Mark D. Doppes - Corporal , Army 
Joseph C. Doppes - Sergeant, Air Force 
Charles R. Edmonson - Petty Officer 1st Class, Navy 
Douglas E. Fields - Sergeant 
David M. Flaherty - Navy 
Leonard A. Geshan - Captain, Navy 
Leo F. Gorman - Captain, Army 
James D. Hay - Marines 
Richard T. Hilton* - Navy
Paul R. Kaucher Jr. - Specialist 4th Class, Army
James R. Kasselmann - Lieutenant Colonel, Marines 
Charles J. Quehl - Navy 
Marilyn Macpherson Rodriguez - Master Sergeant 
Joseph S. Malloni - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
James J. McNamara - Captain, Marines
Gordon J. Miller - Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force / Reserves 
William L. Molitor - Sergeant 1st Class, Army 
Shawn T. O'Brien - Marines 
Thomas M. Pfeiffer - Sergeant, Air Force
Stephan J. Schoettelkotte* - Technical Sergeant, Air Force / Reserves 
Alfred E. Smith - Army
Rebecca Toomey Smith - Major, Army 
Dennis F. Snodgrass - Master Sergeant, Air Force 
Thomas A. Volz - Technical Sergeant, Air National Guard 
David A. Wilson - Captain, Marines 
Michael C. Young - Navy 
Christina L. Young* - Specialist 4th Class, Army 
Julie Steffen Zambrana - First Class Petty Officer, Navy
Class of 1980 - 1989
James Alley - Air Force 
William J. Batchelor - 
Brian P. Bauer - Army 
Brian P. Baurichter - Senior Airman, Air Force 
Mark B. Buelsing - Captain, Army National Guard
Christopher M. Burt - Army National Guard 
Jeffrey R. Burt - Army National Guard 
Timothy P. Burt - Master Sergeant, Air National Guard 
Troy S. Burt - Air National Guard 
Joseph A. Busse* 
William J. Butler - Colonel, Army 
Mark R. Carnes - Master Sergeant, Air Force 
Gary S. Carr - Sergeant, Army National Guard 
Mark D. Colley - Staff Sergeant, Army 
Timothy A. Colonel - Staff Sergeant, Air Force
David H. Crowe - Senior Airman, Air Force 
Walter C. Daniels - Retired Colonel, Air Force  
Michael D. Delev - 1st Lieutenant, Army National Guard 
Tonia Celesti Drummond - Army 
Michael A. Ellison - Corporal , Marines 
Eric N. Esz - Marines 
Kevin L. Green - Captain, Army 
Christopher M. Green - Army 
Steven D. Harmon - Senior Master Sergeant, Air Force
Timothy L. Hoeflich - Sergeant, Army National Guard 
Michael J. Kasselmann - Captain, Marines 
Wayne Scott Kelley - Marines 
Charles A. Kiser* - Staff Sergeant, Army 
Chris M. Kruse - E-5 Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Jeffrey Lawrence - Army National Guard 
Deborah Sweeney Mercado - Lance Corporal, Marines/Army Reserves 
Douglas M. Miller - Lieutenant Colonel, Army
Michael J. Moore - Navy
David L. Nash* - Navy
William T. Nolan* - Army 
Wesley D. Palmer-Lasky - Colonel, Air Force 
Michael E. Panko - Colonel, Army 
Daniel B. Pewther - Sergeant 
Paul W. Placke - Corporal, Marines 
Daniel L. Proffitt - Sergeant, Air Force 
Robert E. Rabe - Marines
John J. Redmond - Sergeant, Marines 
George A. Spaeth - Sergeant, Army National Guard 
David A. Sunberg - Captain, Army 
Brian C. Weyer - Sergeant, Army 
Mark Williams - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Daniel L. Zahumensky - Lieutenant Commander, Navy 
Class of 1990 - 1999
Bryan N. Blackburn - Lieutenant Jr. Grade, Navy 
John A. Bush - 1st Lieutenant, Army National Guard 
Craig A. Comello - Marines 
Jason D. Curfiss - Marines 
Eric Dean - Marines 
Matthew F. Durkin - Captain, Air Force 
Joseph M. Ewers - Colonel, Army 
Mary M. Fenker 
Benjamin E. Gates - Petty Officer 1st Class, Navy 
Ryan D. Hausterman - Sergeant, Army 
Jeffrey J. Hilts - Marines 
Timothy J. Horn - Captain, Army 
Ann Robinson Houck* - 1st Lieutenant, Army 
Michael S. Kelly - Major, Air Force 
Vincent D. Koenigsknecht - Lieutenant, Navy 
Michael W. Land - Chief, Navy 
Matthew A. Martinez - Marines 
Marie Corbett Mills - Specialist, Army 
Andrew W. Moehring - Army 
Stephan M. Pazienza - Captain, Marines 
Joshua A. Robinson - Specialist 1st Class, Army 
Joseph J. Roth - Captain, Air Force 
John R. Staats - Marines 
Matthew F. Steelman - Airman 1st Class, Air Force
Alison Prall Thompson - Captain, Army  
Randal K. Wagner - Boatswain 3rd Class, Coast Guard 
David J. Wagner - Captain, Army
Lisa M. Young - National Guard 
Class of 2000 - 2009
Derek A. Archer - Corporal, Marines 
Susan G. Arshonsky - Ensign, Navy 
Jeremy A. Boeh - Private, Army 
Steven E. Bosse Jr. - Air Force 
Patrick T. Bouley - Marines 
Benjamin J. Breitenbach - Navy 
Alex T. Brokaw - Corporal, Marines 
Charlene S. Cartwright - Specialist , Army 
Hollie M. Colony - Sergeant, Army 
David P. Cramer - Specialist, Army 
Ryan T. Danehe - Navy 
Nicholas Erdy* - Lance Corporal, Marines 
James G. Falls III - Captain 
Christopher P. Foti - Air Force
Christopher A. Gavieres - Navy 
Bradley M. Giesting* - Private 1st Class, Army 
Timothy J. Hennika - Airman 1st Class, Air Force 
Geoffrey B. Hensley - Navy 
Jeffrey M. Hoenie - Air Force 
Mitchell T. Horn - Army
Edward A. Hutchinson - Private 1st Class, Army 
Amanda L. Kissel - Airman 1st Class, Air Force 
Steven B. Kominsky - Army 
Brendon L. Lake - E4SrA, Air Force
Allison M. LeMaster - Army
Ryan M. Mathews - E-5 Staff Sergeant, Air National Guard 
Matthew E. Meibers - E-5, Navy 
Benjamin T. Menner - Sergeant, Army 
Chadwick M. Miller - Air Force
Dustin B.A. Moss - Army 
Brian J. Murphy - Sergeant, Army 
Daniel R. O'Brien - Sergeant, Army 
Julie Corbett Oliver - Sergeant, Army 
Colleen S. Ormond - Senior Airman, Air Force 
Sharon Wegman Owen - Captain, Army 
Anthony R. Pastura - Private 1st Class, Marines 
Paul R. Petsche - Specialist, Army National Guard
Rachel E. Piening - Sergeant, Army National Guard 
Jonathan J. Plummer - Private 1st Class, Army 
Daniel M. Rasfeld - Captain, Air Force 
Erin M. Ritter - Army 
Matthew R. Rolfes - Army
Andrew X. Rombach - Lance Corporal, Marines
Andrew J. Rothmeeler - Captain, Army 
Andrew J. Schloemer - 2nd Lieutenant, Air Force 
Eric R. Schmidt - Staff Sergeant, Air Force 
Alexander L. Schreiner 
Benjamin A. Singer - Private 1st Class, Army 
Nathan S. Skeen - Navy
Zachary W. Stultz* - Marines
Jennifer A. Wagner - Captain, Army 
Joseph T. Wambaugh - 2nd Lieutenant, Army National Guard 
Michael T. Westlund - Marines 
Sean P. Williams - Sergeant 
Erica S. Woodruff - Specialist, Marines 
Jessica M. Zeller - E5 Corpsman, Navy 
Class of 2010 to Present
Jeffrey D. Archer - Army National Guard 
Nathaniel J. Baumgartner - SPC, Army
Paul G. Conrady - 2nd Lieutenant, Air Force
Brandon A. Engred - Army  
John V. Ehemann - 2nd Lieutenant, ROTC - National Guard 
Ryan D. Constable - Corporal, Marines
Elliot O. Higgins - Air Force Academy 
Tyrone A. Jabin* - Navy
Theodore J. Mayer - 2nd Lieutenant, ROTC-National Guard
Cheyenne Meyer - Navy
Matthew P. Quitter - Air Force 
Patrick L. McKinnis 
Elizabeth A. Rumple - Navy
Michael S. Staderman - 2nd Lieutenant, Air Force 
Jacob A. Vaughn - Navy
Jacob S. Willenbrink - Senior Airman, Alaska Air National Guard
Kevin L. Williams - Private 1st Class, Marines
John T. Wirthlin - Army

* denotes deceased alumni

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