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Alumni Connectors Program

The Alumni Connectors program links current Rocket students with alumni to foster college and career development.  Alumni volunteers email with students, host student shadows, and/or speak at career day. 

If you would like to be a part of this important McNicholas connection, please click on the link below and complete the short form. If you were previously on the Science Mentor List, please take a moment to register to become an Alumni Connector.  Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and expertise!

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“I needed me when I was in high school!”
Dr. Maggie Young-Lipschutz ’02  connects with Rockets through Alumni Connectors Program

Maggie_Young_Lipschutz.JPGAs a freshman at Miami University in 2002, Maggie Young-Lipschutz started with the science classes she needed to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She quickly became intimidated and decided to pursue other avenues, giving up on her goal. After graduating and pursuing other career paths--including event planning for the Marvin Lewis Community Fund--Young-Lipschutz decided to give her dream another chance.

“Everyone who applies to veterinarian school has great grades, everyone is a go-getter,” she said. “I had to set myself apart and did by telling my story—how I had pursued other career options, but I came back to veterinarian medicine.”

Young-Lipschutz graduated from The Ohio State University veterinarian school in 2013 and is currently a veterinarian at Main Street Animal Hospital in Amelia. Before beginning there, she worked in research at Ethicon Endo-Surgery.

“You can use many facets of veterinarian medicine, the skill sets and knowledge to work in a variety of areas,” Young-Lipschutz said. “Vets are everywhere, USDA, research facilities, everywhere!”

McNicholas senior Lexie Gauger was considering veterinary medicine and intrigued by the possibility of a career in research. As part of a class assignment for AP Biology, Gauger contacted Young-Lipschutz who had agreed to be a mentor to McNicholas students seeking education and career advice.  According to Gauger, Young-Lipschutz shared insight into the benefits and drawbacks of both emergency and general practices, as well as information about the process of medical research.

“Dr. Young-Lipschutz's insights were very valuable because I was able to understand the different ways to have a career in science and veterinary medicine,” Gauger said.  “I discovered there are many types of jobs that all have different time, education, and personal demands, and each comes with its own set of risks and rewards.”

Young-Lipschutz wishes she had been able to correspond with a mentor when she was in high school, and she hopes she is able to help a student learn about his or her education and career options.

“I needed me when I was in high school,” she said.  “Whether a student wants to come shadow, meet in person, or correspond by email, let’s do it!”

Young-Lipschutz encourages other alumni from all career areas to be involved as a mentor. “It is a great program, and even if just one sentence you say speaks to a student, it could be so beneficial,” she said.

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