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Class of 2024 Scholarships


Scholarship and Grant Opportunities for Incoming Class of 2024

 Merit Scholarships 

Archbishop McNicholas High School offers merit scholarships to the top 25 scores on the Entrance Exam and have applied for admission by the admission deadline. Financial need is not a factor. Merit scholarships are renewable for four years as long as the student maintains a minimum weighted grade point average of 90.0, enrolls in honors courses, and is a student in good standing.

·         $10,000 renewable scholarships awarded to top male and top female applicant

·         $6,000 renewable scholarships (4 scholarships)

·         $3,000 renewable scholarships (19 scholarships)

Other Opportunities

Each scholarship has a separate application, and is due by December 1, 2019

Alumni Heritage Scholarship (Click here to apply)
$1300 four-year renewable scholarship
The Alumni Heritage Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of the McNicholas Alumni and is given to one incoming freshman. The selection committee will take the following into consideration when choosing the recipient:


·         Must be lineal descendant (child or grandchild) of a McNicholas or St. Joseph Academy graduate

·         Family must demonstrate financial need based on FACTS Financial Aid Application.

·         Quality of grade school records

·         Desire to continue family legacy of attending McNicholas High School and commitment to Catholic education through application essay

·         Submit one teacher recommendation.

·         Scholarship will be renewable for four years, provided the recipient maintains satisfactory academic progress and is a student in good standing.  

Canisalez Spanish Grant (Click here to apply)
$1200 non-renewable

This grant is made possible through the generosity of the Canisalez family. The grant will be given to a student who desires to study the Spanish language and Hispanic culture and exemplifies Christian values and leadership.


·         Student must submit a one-page essay explaining why they are interested in studying the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

·         Include one teacher recommendation from an 8th grade teacher (preferably English or Spanish teacher, and/or religion teacher or youth minister).

McNicholas Caddie Scholarship (Click here to apply
25% tuition, renewable all four years

The McNicholas Caddie Scholarship will financially assist one male or female student in their dream of attending Archbishop McNicholas High School. The recipient of the scholarship will receive a 25% annual tuition scholarship, renewable all four years, as long as the student remains a caddie in good standing at their club, assists with 10 rounds of golf each year, and maintains an overall GPA of at least 85.0.


·         Family must demonstrate financial need based on FACTS Financial Aid Application.

·         Must submit yearly financial aid request

·         Student must provide personal essay on the benefits of Catholic education.

·         Include one teacher recommendation letter.

Marching Band Scholarships

Our marching band also offers a number of scholarships. Freshman auditions will be held during Band Day in January. Each student will have a 15 minute slot to play any music they have prepared. Students must bring a copy of the music for the adjudicator, Keith Nance, Instrumental Music Director. For more information, please contact our music director, Keith Nance at   

Military Memorial Scholarship (Click here to apply)
$1500 non-renewable


·         Demonstrate leadership, commitment to academics, a sincere sense of patriotism. This scholarship is open to any 8th grader planning to attend Archbishop McNicholas High School.

·         One teacher recommendation letter

·         For more details about the history behind this scholarship, click here.

The Polly Powers Sandmann Memorial Scholarship- Sandmann Scholars (Click here to apply)
$2,500 renewable

The Polly Powers Sandmann Memorial Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of the Powers and Sandmann families, friends and the McNicholas community.  The scholarship is awarded to a student in the SAIL Program.  The selection committee will consider the following criteria:

·         Thoughtfully completes scholarship application

·         Upholds the SAIL Program’s Student’s Responsibilities Contract

·         Contributes to the McNicholas community by engaging in academics with consistent effort and participating in extra- curricular activities

·         Two teacher recommendation letters

·         Displays financial need by completing the FACTS Financial Aid Application 

Theatre Grant
$500 non-renewable


·        Family must demonstrate financial need based on FACTS Financial Aid Application.
·         Student must show an interest in theatre by auditioning for Theatre I by the December deadline. To request an audition, click here.
·         Include one teacher recommendation letter.


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