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The Co-Ed Advantage

Where All Students Find Their Brilliance

Preparing students academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially demands an environment that is reflective of the real world. The Catholic, coed environment at McNicholas High School uniquely equips our students to successfully prepare for the college classroom, the workplace and beyond by developing cooperation, emotional and logical intelligence, and leadership skills.


Student_Council.jpgAll students thrive in school environments where they are well-understood, well-respected, well-supported and expected to achieve at a high level.  Being a skilled and confident individual gains value when that individual can be part of a partnership or group. The ability to collaborate reflects awareness, motivation, respect, and engagement. The coed environment at McNicholas encourages collaboration with the opposite gender and affords students the opportunity to break down stereotypes and build unity between the genders. These experiences and values create the foundation for healthy family and career relationships.


DSC_0021.JPGStudents and graduates will tell you—the community of McNicholas is like no other. The real family atmosphere at McNicholas grows out of the opportunity boys and girls have to learn together, pray together, celebrate together, and serve together.  They experience the ups and down of high school and support each other along the way. Because of the coed environment at McNicholas, these social and emotional bonds forged help students become accountable, compassionate young people connected to the school and one another for life.




Both boys and girls can grow into academically-sound, faithful, young adults as they begin to understand that academic success is the result of hard work, not innate or perceived gender-linked talent. A great part of this growth is due to the opportunity to discover one’s values, skills, and strengths in a coed setting where boys and girls learn from each other. School cultures like McNicholas where all students regardless of gender are viewed as capable of succeeding through hard work produce high confidence and achievement among all students.




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