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St. Joseph Scholars

Students are invited to be part of the St. Joseph Scholars program based on grade school records and performance. As students in this program, they are expected to pursue a rigorous course schedule each year, maintain excellent grades, and provide service to the McNicholas community and beyond. They will meet throughout each year with the SJS Moderators, who will help to provide support and encouragement to the students.

St. Joseph Scholars must maintain a minimum 92.5 weighted GPA.

Course schedule:
Freshman year—Scholars must be enrolled in three honors classes from these options:

English I Honors
Algebra I Honors
Geometry Honors
French I/II Honors
Latin I/II Honors
Spanish I/II Honors

Sophomore year through Senior year—Scholars must be enrolled in four honors classes from these options:

English II Honors
English III Honors
AP Literature
Algebra II Honors
Geometry Honors
Honors Precalculus
AP Calculus
AP US History
AP US Government
AP European History
AP Biology AP Physics
French II/III Honors
AP French
Latin II/III Honors
AP Latin
Spanish II/III Honors
AP Spanish
AP Photo
AP Music Theory

· Scholars may not have a study hall or be an office aide.

· Scholars should take at least two consecutive years of the same world language at the honors level.

Service Expectation
Freshman year: Exploring and Building Community
Freshman scholars are expected to share their gift of academics with others by providing 15 hours of tutoring over the course of the school year. They will track their hours and provide a reflection upon completion in May.

Sophomore year: Working With Gratitude and Joy
Sophomore scholars are expected to provide service hours to McNicholas for two group service activities, one each semester. SJS Moderators will organize the service activities.

Junior year: Developing Your Gifts
Junior scholars are expected to choose an organization outside of McNicholas where they can serve together. The group service will include at least two days, one each semester.

Senior year: Leaving a Legacy
Senior scholars will work together to plan and create a project at McNicholas that will endure beyond their time as students.

· Students who do not attend SJS meetings, who do not complete service expectations, or who do not take 3 or 4 honors classes will not be able to continue in the program.

· Students will receive recognition on their diplomas for the number of years they were part of the SJS program.

Questions about the program should be directed to Director of Curriculum, Dan Rosenbaum at

Class of 2020 Members

Ian Burt
Erin Callahan
Dominic Daley
Harper Esterle
Christopher Georgiades
Demetrios Georgiades
Madison Kouche
Garrett Mindrum
Jack Munzel
Michael O’Connell
Tara Reich
Nicholas Russell
Brianna Taylor

Class of 2021 Members

Nicholas Carter
Lauren Cox
Isabella Dawson
Andrew Farmer
Samuel Fortin
Zachary Miller
Anna Rahner

Class of 2022 Members

Anthony Caccavari 
Emma Clemons
Andrew Collette
Emily Fridley
Arden Jakubovic
Ethan Koran
Erin McManus
Jason Munzel
Joseph Walter

Class of 2023 Members

Brady Arnold
Augustus Block
Nathaniel Kouche
Jonah Mastromauro
Jacob Patterson
Allison Plush
Shawn Roesel
Landen Rupp
Alexander Russo
Kaitlyn Schulte
Autumn Strebel
Carly Weidenbacher

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