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Rocket Learning Community

In the RLC, students are finding their brilliance through community, curiosity, and creativity.

McNicholas offers up to forty sophomores and juniors the option of completing most of their required core courses as members of the Rocket Learning Community (RLC). 

Led by a team of teachers who work closely with students to help them identify and develop their talents, RLC students master skills prized in today’s universities and workplaces and benefit from:

  • Approaching problems through the lenses of several subject areas at the same time
  • Supplementing classroom learning with experiential learning at off-campus sites and with community experts
  • Deepening learning by applying it to real-world issues, often including service to the community

While all McNicholas educators aspire to customize and personalize education, the circumstances of the RLC enable the RLC teacher team to maximize opportunities for students to accelerate their learning, to receive reteaching for any learning gaps, and to harness the power of their personal interests as they learn.

The RLC asks students to take ownership of their own educations. Students are a part of educational decisions, and learn to advocate for their needs, interests, and preferences. They learn how to be resilient and persistent when things are tough, and they learn how to be proactive in developing their own goals.

Dr. Craig West, Education Consultant with Hamilton County Educational Service Center 

RLC students enjoy the use of an active, modern learning setting, rich with technology, flexible seating, and collaborative and project spaces. RLC students also enjoy frequent off-campus learning opportunities. Visits to historical sites, museums, learning centers, and community partners allow them to build connections with alumni as well as apply their in-school learning to the larger community. The mulit-block schedule of the RLC offers flexibility for students to leave campus for these experiences without disrupting the academic flow of their non-RLC classes.

The RLC program for sophomores includes their core English, Social Studies, Theology, and Science courses.  The RLC program for juniors includes their core English, Social Studies, and Theology classes.

Students apply for membership during the spring course registration period of the prior academic year. RLC applications for the 2023-24 program are due February 17.


The RLC Team

Ms. Teresa Davis

Ms. Teresa Davis

Theology, Mission & Ministry Team, RLC
Mrs. Regina Goines

Mrs. Regina Goines

Science, RLC
Mrs. Angie Noble

Mrs. Angie Noble

Teacher, English Department Chair
English, RLC
Ms. Gretchen Thomas

Ms. Gretchen Thomas

English, Social Studies, RLC
RLC Community

connecting with partners outside of the building, contributing to the group as a whole, finding things out together, making connections outside of the classroom

RLC Creativity

understanding that learning is a journey, connecting and synthesizing content across disciplines, applying skills and showcasing mastery in unique ways

RLC Curiosity

approaching mastery learning with a sense of wonder, having a passion for learning, practicing self-evaluation and reflection, taking responsibility for learning

We love the fact that the classes are integrated so what she learns in one of the classes is applied in the others. The teachers work closely together to support the students and the off-campus experiences help them to see firsthand what they are learning about.

Parent of an RLC student

RLC graphic with icons for community, curiosity, and creativity