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Visual Arts

Prerequisites: Portfolio review or instructor recommendation for Grade 9, Open Enrollment for 10, 11, & 12.
Students will study the elements and principals of design as visual language as they develop understanding of composition.  Students will explore sense of light, perspective, form and space in the study of master works and experience a variety of techniques and styles as they compose their own works.  Drawing exercises and projects from observation are integrated throughout the year.

Prerequisites: None .  Available to grades 10, 11, 12
This course offers students the basic techniques of the use of elements and principles of design in visual artworks.  This hands-on experience will allow students to develop a deeper understanding of composition and an appreciation for the creative process.

Prerequisites: None.  Available to grades 10, 11, 12
This course offers a focus of the visual arts through a historical and a multi-cultural perspective.  Students will explore the works of artists through history in the development of style and composition.  Through hands-on experience, students will develop a broader appreciation for the creative process and visual communication.

Prerequisites:   Foundation  Art and recommendation of instructor.  Available to grades 10, 11, 12
This course emphasizes visual thinking skills. Students will explore in-depth drawing and painting techniques emphasizing value, light, color, texture, perspective, space and form. Students will focus on developing compositions from life observations, self-portraits, portraits, and figure drawing. A variety of mediums will be explored. 

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.  Available to grades 11, 12.
Computer Graphics is an art course that focuses on using the computer and creative software as tools for graphic art and design.  Students will primarily use the software programs Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  In the beginning of the year we will concentrate on understanding the basic navigation of the programs.  Once students gain a foundation, projects will include the study of the elements and principals of design in addition to commercial assignments such as package design and logo work.  The course will also introduce students to a variety of digital artist’s in today’s media. Graphic art and design is a growing occupation in today’s world. 

Prerequisites: 93% average in  previous art courses and  recommendation by instructor, a portfolio review and conference with student, parent and teacher.  Available to Grade 12. 
Advanced placement makes it possible for the highly motivated student to do college level work.  Students will need to work outside the classroom as well as in it, and beyond scheduled periods.  The drawing portfolio may include a broad interpretation of drawing issues including abstract and observational works.  A portfolio of 24-30 works will be completed by the end of the year.  Portfolios will be sent for examination and review to the  College Board’s AP Program in May.

Prerequisites:   Available to grades 10, 11, 12.
Ceramics is a semester long course in which students will explore a broad range of techniques and approaches to art through hand built and wheel thrown clay.  Students will learn to approach ceramic artwork as both functional and decorative sculptural objects.  Development of technical skills and artistic vocabulary will include scoring, slipping, hand building (slab, coil, and pinch techniques), wheel throwing, bisque firing, painting, and glazing, plus endless alternative possibilities involved with clay.  A brief overview of the history of ceramics will be presented.

Prerequisites: Ceramics I and/or  recommendation of teacher.Available to grades 10, 11, 12
This course is designed for students who have completed Ceramics I and want to continue exploring the ceramic medium.  In this course you will use the potters wheel and learn advanced hand building techniques.  This class emphasizes:  throwing techniques, functional and non functional art forms.  Students knowledge of the history and aesthetics of ceramics are further developed through field trips, visiting artist and class discussions.

Prerequisites: 93% average in Ceramics II or Advanced Ceramics and recommendation by instructor.  Available to Grade 12.
Advanced Placement Art makes it possible for the highly motivated student to do college level work.  Students will need to work outside the classroom, as well as in it, and beyond scheduled periods.  The 3-D Portfolio may include sculptural works from ceramics, architectural models and other forms.  A portfolio of 18-25 works will be completed by the end of the year.  Portfolios will be sent for examination and review to the College Board’s AP Program in May.

Prerequisites: None. Available to grades 11, 12. Limited Enrollment
This beginning course  introduces students to the architecture and design field’s  by covering   the proper techniques and procedures used in designing and drafting.  The second semester is dedicated to drawing basic floor plans, elevations and landscaping.   Students will design a home within guidelines and build a model to scale.   A goal of this class is to create as much exposure to their occupational futures as possible.  We create projects based on career options in the design fields:  architecture industrial design, interior design, and the subcategories of each of these fields.  With this information, students are encouraged to consider applying to specific art programs at the college level or jobs they can apply for in business and industry upon graduation.   Fees will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment.

Prerequisites: 90% average in Architectural Design and Drafting I, instructor recommendation. Available to grades  12.  Limited Enrollment
This course gives the student the practical knowledge needed to pursue courses in allied fields of drafting, engineering, landscape design and interior design.  The course explores the principles of visual and spatial relations and helps the student to discipline him/herself by emphasizing precision, neatness, and correct interpretations of standard drafting principles, using drafting tools or computer assisted design.  Fees will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment.

Prerequisites: None. Available  to  grades 11,12.   Limited enrollment refer to the Photography permission form for details regarding equipment and expenses for Photography.  
This course includes basic picture-taking techniques using a 35mm camera, black and white film processing, and black and white print-making techniques using our wet-processing darkroom. Other topics covered are photographic composition, special effects filters, camera lenses, portraiture, and lighting techniques. Photographs are mounted and exhibited regularly.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Photography I, instructor recommendation and minimum 90% average in Photo I.   Available to grade 12. Refer to the Photography I permission form for details regarding equipment and expenses for Photography II.
This course includes advanced and creative photographic techniques building on the fundamentals learned in Photo I. Topics covered include creative composition, black and white negative and print manipulation  using special filters and developers, and portraiture.  Approximately half of the classroom time will be used to learn Photoshop on the computer.  Students will also receive instruction on the optimum use of digital cameras and scanners.  All students will be required to complete a portfolio.  Student work will be displayed around the school.

Prerequisities:  A minimum grade of 93% in Photoand recommendation of instructor. Available to Grade12.
This is an advanced course for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of photography and computer graphics.  Students will need to work outside the classroom and beyond scheduled periods.  Group and individual critiques will be done frequently to enable the students to learn to analyze their own work and their peers’ work.  All students will complete a portfolio of 24-30 works by the end of the year.  The portfolio is intended to address a very broad interpretation of two-dimensional (2-D) design issues.  The elements of design (line, shape, illusion of space, illusion of motion, pattern, texture, value and color) are combined with the principles of design (unity, variety, balance, emphasis, rhythm, and proportion/scale) in order to communicate content. The final portfolio consists of five original works, twelve images of their concentration, and twelve images of breadth.  This portfolio will be submitted to the AP College Board in early May for grading.  Students are responsible for AP test fee.

Prerequisites: None.  Available to Grade 11 and 12.
This course focuses on the digital arts as they apply to today’s rapidly growing digital world.  We will focus on the creation of art using a variety of digital programs and tools.  Students will become proficient using both a PC and Mac platform.  Projects will include the consideration of media such as digital cameras, creative apps, Garage Band, iPhoto, IDVD, and Photoshop.  The creative class is meant to offer an introduction to the digital world, explore the numerous possibilities for the creation of art and instill a level of appreciation in our students.  Our attempt is to not only stay current in the ever-changing world of digital arts but to also provide instruction on navigating though digital environments.

Prerequisites: A 90% average in previous art courses and permission of the instructor.
Portfolio development is for the advanced student who is interested in creating his or her portfolio.  Works will be created with emphasis in drawing, color, perspective, and independent exploration of media.  Each work is created with the purpose of becoming a quality piece worthy of a portfolio.  Four to six quality art works are required each quarter.  When completed, 12 to 20 works will be included in the student’s final portfolio.

Prerequisites: A 90 average in previous art courses and permission of the instructor.
Independent studio is for the student who needs the flexibility in their schedule to work in their selected medium.  Students, along with their teacher, will create an independent series of works in a selected medium to enhance their final portfolio.

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