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Course Number: 2110

Prerequisites: None, Required of all freshmen

Credit:  1

SCRIPTURES (The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scriptures)     (Credit .5)

This one semester course gives students a broad knowledge and appreciation of scripture as they encounter Jesus Christ.  The purpose, development and message in scriptures, especially the Old Testament will be thoroughly examined.  A special emphasis will be placed in light of preparing for the messiah, Jesus Christ.

CHRISTOLOGY (The Mission of Jesus Christ)    (Credit .5)

This one semester course involves a search for identity as a Catholic by studying the life, ministry, message and meaning of Jesus as our center.  Insights into Jesus will be explored through the study of the Gospels, the Jewish people of Jesus’ time and insights of St. Paul.  The Trinity and Mary will also receive special emphasis.


Course Number:  2210

Prerequisites:            One religion credit, required of all sophomores 

Credit:  1

MORALITY (Life in Jesus Christ)    (Credit .5)

In this one semester course there is exposure to basic moral principles, decision-making processes and human sexuality.   Many issues as abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia will be examined.  The theological and moral virtues will be studied in order to get a vision of what a moral Christian life is all about.

CHURCH (Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues In The Church)   (Credit .5)

Students will be studying the life of the Church over the centuries with a focus on the historical developments in the areas of:  Church leadership, Magisterial teaching, Lay and Religious Spirituality and Church involvement in the world.  The expectation is that the students will understand the full meaning of the phrase, “we are a pilgrim church.”


Course Number: 2310

Prerequisites:  Two religion credits, required of all juniors          

Credit:  1

SACRAMENTALS  (Sacraments As Privileged Encounters With Jesus Christ)   (Credit .5)

This one semester course offers an opportunity to explore the rich traditions of sacramental theology and practice.  It seeks to engage students in an encounter with this essential element of Catholic life so that they can better appreciate the meaning underlying the sacraments and the relationship between the sacraments and their own life.

VOCATIONS  (Responding To The Call Of Jesus Christ)   (Credit .5)

In this one semester course students will learn that they are called by Christ for a purpose, whether it be to the ordained priesthood, the consecrated religious life, married life or committed single life.  Emphasis will be placed on how we are all called to be disciples of Christ in our world.


Course Number:  2410

Prerequisites:  Three religion credits, required of all seniors                        

Credit:   1

SOCIAL JUSTICE  (Living As A Disciple Of Jesus Christ In Society) (Credit .5)

This one semester course is rooted in the social teaching of the Catholic Church.  It examines the important Catholic Social Teachings of the past century and the prophetic challenge they proclaim to our society and to all Catholics.  Completion of the required Community Service is expected before this class is taken.

WORLD RELIGIONS (Interreligious And Ecumenical Issues)  (Credit .5)

Course Number:  2517

This course responds to the document nostra aetate (in our time).  In this milestone document the Council called for a mutual understanding between Catholics and other religious traditions.  It encourages “dialogue and collaboration” with people of other religions.  For students to engage in dialogue and collaboration, it is important that they begin with some knowledge of other religious traditions for their efforts to be fruitful.  An open mind and heart as well as respect for the “other” is very important for each student to have as they strive to learn as much as they can about various religious traditions. The students will have their own faith enriched through this course.

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