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Course Number: 8117

Prerequisites: None, Open to freshmen.

Credit:  .5 

This purpose of this course is to assist students in making the transition from grade school to high school with a foundation in computer technology and communication skills.  The course focuses on topics relevant to a student’s success in the classroom and beyond, both with and without their tablet.  Some of the topics covered include:  Introduction to Technology at McNick (tablet usage and organization, OneNote, Office 365, electronic submission of work), Microsoft Office skills needed for high school (setting up papers in MLA 7, PowerPoint presentations, basic Excel), Study  Skills (note taking, time management, goal setting), Research Skills (search strategies, website  quality, citation of sources), Oral Communication (speeches, presentations), Ethical Use of Technology (current events, copyright/plagiarism, safety) and Online Presence (etiquette, digital footprint. 


Course Number:  8127

Prerequisites:  None. Open to freshmen

Credit: .5

This semester course will explore further uses of tablet technology, particularly as it relates to life outside the classroom. Topics covered include Multimedia Projects and presentations (Screen Casting, Windows Movie Maker, Advanced PowerPoint), Careers (Job hunting, interviewing, workplace communication & etiquette), Formatting Business Documents (Job & academic resumes, cover letters, template usage), Excel & Personal Finance (complex formulas, using spreadsheets to track expenses, debit/credit cards, bank accounts), Technology & Society (current events, ethical usage) and Connectivity.


Course Number:  8219

Prerequisites:  None.  Available to grades 10, 11, and 12

Credit:  .5

This semester course will use the Academy of Motion Picture’s “Creating Movement Frame by Frame” in conjunction with the Alice software developed by Carnegie Mellon University.  In “Frame by Frame” students would learn the origins of animation, principles of design, storyboarding, and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) concepts.  Students would then use Alice to bring their creations to life.  Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story or a video to share on the web.  In Alice, 3-D objects (e.g., people, animals, and vehicles) populate a virtual world and students design the logic structure necessary to animate the objects.  Both Frame by Frame and Alice are free.


Course Number:  8220

Prerequisites:  None.  Available to grades 10, 11, and 12

Credit:  .5

This semester course will answer the questions of what makes a good game.  This course would explore the fundamentals of game design – both digital and non-digital.  Topics covered will combine basic fundamentals of game theory, probability, strategy, design, and elementary programming concepts, as well as storytelling, graphic design, ethics and interactive design.  Students will create several non-digital games, as well as several digital games using Greenfoot. 

Greenfoot is a free drop and drag game creation software.   


Course Number: 8348                                 

Prerequisites:  None.  Available to grades 10, 11, 12.

Credit:  .5

This one semester course is designed for the creative student who is interested learning basic motion video and video editing using Adobe Premiere.  Students will produce both individual and group videos on topics of their choosing.  Topics have included, but are not limited to, videos about themselves, the school, a movie trailer, a team or personal highlight video,a music video, a play, a montage of favorite team, Senior Video, the Mardi Gras and the Rocket Report.


Course Number:  8349                                

Prerequisites:  Video Editing.  Available to grades 10, 11, 12.

Credit:  .5

This one semester course is designed for the creative student who is interested producing individual and group videos. In this course, students will write, film and edit their original video pieces.  Students will learn some advanced techniques in lighting, video angles and audio usage.  Students will be required to videotape all of the footage used in their projects. Students will be graded by the overall quality of their projects, their implementation of required elements in their projects and the required written reports about their projects.


Course Number: 8528

Prerequisites: None, Available to grades 11, 12

Credit:  .5

This one semester course is strongly recommended for students planning to major in a business related discipline in college. 

Accounting will enable a student to develop the proper background to advance in the business world.  Included in the course are procedures to open and keep a set of books, prepare financial statements, work with payroll transactions, be knowledgeable in corporations and single proprietorships as a form of business organization, and learn proper income tax requirements.  Students will practice manual accounting procedures similar, if not the same, to an entry level college Accounting course.


Course Number: 8538

Prerequisites: None, available to grades 10, 11, 12

Credit:  .5

This is a one semester introductory business course that familiarizes students with the financial world. Topics covered include consumerism, banking, credit, insurance and our economic system. Practical topics such as personal finance, credit cards, mortgages, checking account, paying for college, investing, types of insurance and auto loans will also be covered.

This course meets the personal finance literacy requirement for Ohio students. Due to the instant real-world application this course offers, it is strongly recommended to all students, especially those planning to major in a business related discipline in college.


Course Number: 8539

Prerequisites: None, available to grades 11, 12

Credit:  .5

This one semester course provides an overview of the various functions and activities of business enterprises.  Marketing, human resources, accounting, finance, and operations are examined.  Additionally, topics of globalization and economics are covered.  Students will learn important business terms and concepts.


Course Number:        8337               

Prerequisites: Credit in Algebra II or currently enrolled in Algebra II. 
Available to grades 10, 11, 12

Credit:  1

This course is strongly recommended for the student interested in programming or majoring in a computer related discipline in college.   This course covers essential concepts in computer programing utilizing Visual Basic and C++.  Topics include, but are not limited to:  program structure and design, algorithms, graphical interfaces, flow of control, conditions, “if-then-else” selection structure, functions, loops, arrays, sorting, menus, and objects.


Course Number:        8357                Wgt. 1.06

Prerequisites: Computer Programming I or permission of teacher. 
Available to grade 11 & 12

Credit:  1

This course is designed to the student who wants to major in a computer related discipline in college or is very interested in programming and wants to earn credit for college.  Based on the AP curriculum, the programming language (Java), and the topics in this class will be geared toward successful completion of the Advanced Placement Test.


Course Number:  5621                                 

Prerequisites:  Geometry CP II or higher

Credit:  .05

Robotics is a one semester lab-based course that uses a hands-on approach to introduce the basic concepts of robotics, focusing on the construction and programming of autonomous mobile robot platforms. Experiencing each of the platforms first hand will allow students to see the common elements across platforms and differences between them. Course information will be tied to lab experiments; students will work in groups to build and test increasingly more complex mobile robots, culminating in an end-of-semester robot challenge based on real-world scenarios. Upon completion of the course students will be able to solve electro-mechanical design problems with both human-controlled and autonomous solutions.


Course Number:    
8248 – one semester                           Credit: .25

8249 – full year                                    Credit: .50

Prerequisite: A minimum grade of 90% in Technology and Communication
Available to grades 10, 11, 12
Passing interview process

The Technology Help Desk course is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in dealing with computers and technology.  Students will assist at the Help Desk and gain troubleshooting and hardware maintenance skills.

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