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Advanced Placement and College Credit Programs

Advanced Placement Program
Archbishop McNicholas offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in English, Physics, Chemistry, American History, European History, U.S. Government, Calculus, Biology, Studio Art, Computer Science, French, Spanish, and Latin.

The purpose of the Advanced Placement Program is to enable academically capable and highly motivated students to complete rigorous college level courses and earn college credit while still in high school.

Enrollment in Advanced Placement Program courses instills a sense of scholarship in the student and an appreciation of the intrinsic value of devoting oneself to the pursuit of knowledge. Success in the Advanced Placement Program is achieved through dedication to excellence on the part of teachers, students, parents, counselors, and administration.

Visit AP Students College Board for more information about earning college credit through college courses in high school.

Information Technology Early College Program through the University of Cincinnati
Starting in 2019-2020, McNicholas will offer Information Technology courses through the University of Cincinnati Early College Program (ECP). Students who participate in the Early College Program will receive college credits for their courses if they attend the University of Cincinnati after high school graduation.

The first class in the program, IT Fundamentals, will replace Technology & Communication as a freshman course, in which over half of the freshman class takes each year. This is the starting course of the UC program, with additional courses added into the curriculum in upcoming academic years. Students will have the option to continue in the UC IT Early College program when they enroll for their sophomore classes.

Courses will be taught by two existing teachers in the Technology and Business department – Mrs. Barb Gillming and Mrs. Jolene Esz. These teachers participated in a competency-based graduate certificate program over the summer, enabling them to teach the college courses.

Starting with the Class of 2023, the program will give students the opportunity to complete a full year of college credit in Information Technology before graduating from McNicholas. Students that complete the full ECP program are eligible for automatic acceptance into UC Information Technology program and advance standing as a sophomore at UC. Students with advanced standing will be eligible to complete a bachelor degree in three years. Contact your school counsler for more information.

College Credit Plus
College Credit Plus (CCP) is a program started by the Ohio Department of Education to allow students to take college courses for both high school and college credit. Formerly known as the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program (PSEOP), the program has transitioned to CCP to give students the ability to take courses at any public college campus (and at some participating private colleges), online, or at their own high school (not currently offered at McNicholas). The CCP program allows students the ability to earn up to 30 college credits per year, and up to 120 credits total between grades 7-12.

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Process for Application
Non-public students must fill out a Letter of Intent to Participate Form (coming soon), and turn it in to their counselor by April 1. The student then must apply to the college of their choice, and be accepted. Once accepted, a student must file the Non-Public Student Funding Application (coming soon) by June 15. Students may or may not receive funding. Families will not be informed of funding until early August. 

Dates are subject to change.

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