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Stature Stories

That Youth May Attain Full Stature in Christ

What is a Stature Story? Read or listen to our students and alumni talk about how McNicholas High School has played a foundational role in the life-long journey of seeking full stature with Christ.


Oct. 8--Mel Gaskins and architecture classes
Oct. 8--Mel Gaskins and architecture classes

McNicholas High School's architecture classes are one-of-a-kind! Whether students are on a construction site with architects or creating elevation drawings for a potential campus project, Ms. Mel Gaskins enthuses classes with real-world experiences and tools to work toward solutions. Cheri Rekow and Peri Georgiades, parents of seniors Christopher and Demetrios, credit Ms. Gaskins with inspiring students in all their work. 


The McNick Minute is the student podcast of McNicholas High School and features interviews with alumni who talk about their lives and how McNicholas played a foundational role for them--their Stature Stories.

 Katie McClellan '05


Sr. Joan Hartlaub '50

Jeff Ostereld '78
Osterfeld is the founder and CEO of Penn Station and the benefactor of Penn Station Stadium on the McNicholas campus.

Pat Tabler '76
Tabler played baseball with the Cleveland Indians and is the broadcaster for the Toronto Blue Jays.


Christiane Hazzard '16
In 2018, Hazzard finished 3rd place best lifter in the IPF University World Classic Powerlifting Cup with her team from The Ohio State University.



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