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Summer break yields improvements around McNicholas campus

While students work, vacation, and prepare for the upcoming academic year in June, July, and August, many campus improvements happened over the summer.

Main Gym Improvements
The Rockets’ home court advantage grew this summer with some beautiful new enhancements to the Main Gym including new paint on all the walls, doors, and door frames. Workers also:

  • Painted on 6 basketball standards
  • Cleaned pipes next to ceiling
  • Installed 20 new LED (energy efficient) light fixtures over main court
  • Replaced 14 new LED (energy efficient) light bulbs on peripheral side lighting
  • Changed light bulbs on stage
  • Hung new 4'x6' American flag
  • Installed new graphics all around
  • Resurfaced existing floor
  • Hung new state title banners

Paradise Trail
The long walk from the Paradise parking lot got a little shorter this summer when Student Council took funds donated by the Class of 2016 and completed a trail that leads from the Paradise parking lot to the rear of the school on the east side of the Auxiliary Gym.  Thanks to a donation of gravel and tools from Tim Rack, Student Council was able to create and finish the path in early June.  Student Council members, faculty, and staff who worked on the project included:

Class of 2017
Lauren Alvey, Atticus Block, Christiane Hazzard, Jonathon Hazzard, Ben Johnston, Molly Jorden , Sean Kapp, Nate Rivard

Class of 2018
Kennedy Brennan, Wade Brokamp, Skylar Lance, Natalie Martinez, Lauren Mindrum, Samantha Moser

Class of 2019
Georgia Cheek , Mark Dill, Annabelle Fisher, Andrew Geers, Liz Huber, Jill Tore,  

Faculty and Staff
Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Losekamp, Mr. Young, Mr. Ey, Mr. Spurlock, Ms. Markesbery, Mr. Corbett, John Sandmann, Mr. Woodruff

Electronic Signsign.jpg
Under the direction of a new project manager, we are making progress toward a late summer/early fall completion for the electronic sign. 

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