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McNick Study/Travel Abroad Italy and Greece Trip

This past academic year, a group of McNicholas students became global scholars as they studied in preparation for a unique study abroad experience in Italy and Greece. The students studied Italian and Greek art and architecture, cultures, customs and a bit of the languages from countries they planned to visit. By the time the students arrived at the airport in June--some flying for the very first time--they had a year’s worth of preparation packed up with them. Throughout the year and their experience abroad, all the students gained more confidence and a sense of empowerment to navigate whatever comes next.

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"This trip really opened my eyes to the immensity of the world around me. Being immersed into completely different cultures and languages made me see just how much diversity and individuality is encompassed in each part of the earth. Although it was very overwhelming, it was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. The sights, foods, and experience overall is something I will never forget and makes me excited for what traveling adventures await me!”

Abby Jarrold - Senior

Abby’s weShare class video project

“I was very fortunate to immerse myself fully in two new and unique cultures this summer and get to learn more about their customs, architecture, art, and food.”

Aidan Guessford - Senior

Aidan’s weShare class video project

“Don’t be afraid to take a wrong turn and get lost, look out the window, sit on a balcony long after the sun has gone down and talk to people.”

Isabella Bonner - Junior

Isabella’s weShare class video project

The next McNick Study/Travel Abroad class or trip experience is the summer of 2021, and the destination for the next learning adventures are France and Spain.  How does the La Sagrada Familia compare to Notre-Dame? The Louvre to the Prado? Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid each offer world-class art and culture that, experienced together, will amaze you. From iconic architecture like the Eiffel Tower and Park Guell, to savory regional cuisine like steak frites and paella, each day will offer new and unforgettable experiences.

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