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McNicholas students experience Shantytown


Thirty-six students engaged in the student learning experience of Shantytown. The evening began when they walked to Mt. Washington Kroger with $2 each to buy their supper for the night.   When they returned, they shared food on the lawn under the glass hallway while listening to the Director of Education of the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, Dr. Mark Mussman.   Special guest speaker was Wila Jones who told her story of being homeless at one time in her life and how it is not so easy to move out of homelessness.   She has written poetry and published a book.   

The students created cardboard signs with pertinent information they learned during the overnight to educate the McNicholas community on the truths of homelessness.   A follow-up luncheon with students assisted them in processing what they learned and what to do with that information and experience.

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