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Class of 2018 Century Club members named

The vast majority of Archbishop McNicholas High School students go far beyond the required hours of service.  The honorary Century Club was established to recognize those who do over 100 hours of service during their time at McNicholas.  Membership in the Century Club is determined by adding all service hours completed helping the underprivileged and no more than 60 hours of other kinds of service.

"We are proud of the level of commitment from these students," Sam Roflow, chair of the theology department and Service Club moderator said.  "Serving others this generously shows a good understanding of a major component of seeking full stature with Christ."

In the Class of 2018, there are 67 students who are a part of the Century Club. Congratulations to the following seniors who have served their community richly:

Cameron Adams, Haley Adkins, Paxton Albrinck, Sofia Anderson, Brandon Bagley, Alex Ballou, Haley Baker, Alena Barton, Alexandria Battaglia, Nadia Bentley, Adam Blatt, Wade Brokamp, Olivia Broughton, Cole Burdick, Kiley Byrne, Abby Chambers, Kylie Couch, Isabella Daley, Maggie Deller, Alex Deimling, Claire Dotson, Erin Dugan, Alexis Gauger, Jude Gerard, Luke Guessford, Erica Gumbert, Scott Hickman, Ethan Huston, Soren Koch-Hutchinson, Ashley Jenkins, Stephanie Kauza, Skylar Lance, Katherine Lawrence, Julia Lind, Brett Liming, Natalie Martinez, Jordan McCormick, Kiernan Meakin, Lauren Mindrum, Eleni Molinar, Sami Moser, Matthew Neuzil, Paul Rammel, Abbey Pour, Maria Randolph, Ann Rieke, Nick Rosenbaum, Kiely Round, Gracie Rudolph, Andrea Rumple, Andrew Russell, Sam Schaefer, Gabriela Scorti, Allie Smith, Leah Sparks, Maria Staubach, Lauren Steinkuhl, Alyssa Taylor, Katie Taylor, Alli Tomlinson, Grace Turner, Sam Veeneman, Peter Verdin, Ethan Vaughn, Nathan Williams, Trevor Wray, and Nicholas Wynn.

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