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Barbie Bungee project complete with math lessons for Algebra I students

Barbie dolls have become cultural icons with streets renamed for them, art exhibits celebrating them, and even Andy Warhol painting portraits of them. But out of all of Barbie’s famous rides, few of them compare to being dropped from the McNicholas High School convent windows all in the interest of studying math.Barbie_Bungee_2.jpg

 According to teacher Mrs. Ashley Brothers, McNicholas Algebra I students learn about applications of best fit lines with the Barbie Bungee project.  “Groups collected data and created a scatter plot to determine a line of best fit,” Brothers said.  “The students then wrote an equation for this line, and used it to determine how many rubber bands they should attach to their Barbee to safely ‘jump’ from the top of the convent , 38'9".”

The class then competed to see who could get their Barbie doll's head closest to the ground without hitting.  Bell C winners were: Brian Reed, Ty Ackel, Maggie Nunner, Abby Hamerstadt, Abby Newland, and Caitlin Doyle.  Bell E winners were: Marco Dieterle, Emily Ried, and Izzy Mulvey.  


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