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Mission 26

Since May 2019, McNicholas High School has traveled a journey of discovery and planning, imagining the possibilities for our school community. The result? The Mission 26 Strategic Plan.

Culminating in 2026, the 75th anniversary of McNick’s founding, this bold plan guides our actions over the next several years, illuminated by our mission: 

To inspire young men and women

Through faith formation and academic excellence

To become compassionate leaders and

Grow toward Full Stature in Christ

Commissioned by the McNicholas Board, a group of stakeholders (students, teachers and school administrators, current and past parents, board members, alumni) along with local and national educational leaders began meeting in the spring of 2019 to envision the future of McNick. These “futurecasting” sessions inspired the rigorous work of our Mission 26 Strategic Plan. Driven by research, data, thought, and prayer, the Mission 26 team acknowledged the need for McNick to adapt to a rapidly changing world while adhering to the core principles of our mission and our Catholic faith.

The plan centers around four key principles:

Academic Excellence 
Building on our traditional learning models and supported by professional development, we will embrace new technologies, incorporate learning communities, and refine collaborative and experiential teaching techniques to provide flexible, customizable learning pathways for each McNick student.

Faith Formation 
We will increase opportunities for individual and communal spiritual growth and promote a greater understanding of our faith so that our students are able to analyze and act in the world through the lens of our Catholic beliefs.

Compassionate Leadership  
We will move toward a mission-centered community engagement model by forming strategic partnerships which will distinguish McNick as the school that educates Catholic leaders and change agents.

We will reorganize and focus our approach to funding and operations in a way that is mission-centered, growth-oriented, and designed to enhance access to and delivery of the finest Catholic education in the area.

When fully executed by our 75th anniversary year, the Mission 26 Strategic Plan will spark a thriving school which prepares our students for a rapidly changing world, maintains our McNick traditions and culture, is stronger financially, and ensures that our mission thrives now and well into the future.

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