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Marketing and Communications

New brand visuals for McNicholas

In August 2020, McNicholas revealed new visuals for the brand. Extensive research in our community indicated a desire to maintain the strong, traditional “M” of the McNicholas identity while also expressing how the opportunity to participate at McNicholas uncovers the unique God-given brilliance in every student. Three radiant, reaching strands of light represent the Holy Trinity and form a cross. The outer strands symbolize Brotherhood and Sisterhood, while the center strand extends to express the Good we can do together. The “M” interlocks with the cross to create balance and strength, reflective of our close-knit Catholic, co-ed school.

New shade of green
The school colors were refined to maintain recognition and heighten differentiation in the landscape of local high schools. The increased brightness of the green adds energy and expresses growth while the black and white communicate boldness in both a modern and classic way.

Athletic Logo
The athletics logo works hand-in-hand with the academic identity for a flexible and consistent presence on and off the field.

McNick Rocket Illustration
The McNick Rocket soars past boundaries, speeds across finish lines, and powers through competitive challenges. The form of the rocket has evolved, but it is still used to represent and inspire our athletes, students and alumni.

Watch for the visuals to start blooming across campus and throughout the community!

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