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Wesselkamper and Herndon recognized by Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce

Wesselkamper and Herndon recognized by Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce

During the annual Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony on May 29, senior Andrew Wesselkamper was recognized as Student of the Year and faculty member Renee Herndon was recognized as Educator of the Year.  

Andrew Wesselkamper ‘24 - AACC Student of the Year 

During his years at McNicholas, Andrew has distinguished himself as an excellent student and a compassionate leader.  

Andrew is a four-year honor roll student and extremely hard worker, diligent in preparing his classwork and steadfast in improving his writing and critical thinking skills. 

Andrew gives every assignment his best effort. He often is the first to contribute to discussion in class, leading his classmates to also jump in, in a humble, unassuming way. He has an innate curiosity and isn't afraid to be ‘wrong’ or to see something in a new light. 

McNicholas English teacher Laura Rupp said, “What is most impressive about Andrew is his kindness to and leadership of his peers. He is always the first to affirm a classmate's good effort and always speaks with kindness. In a group setting, he readily takes a leadership role, keeping his group on-track and productive.” 

Outside of the classroom, Andrew is a two-year basketball and three-year golf athlete, a member of the McNicholas Chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a student ambassador, a Kairos leader, and a faithful volunteer in the Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Department at Cincinnati Children’s Anderson. Andrew also runs his own lawn and landscaping service and recently traveled to Grainger Country, Tennessee to serve the rural poor in partnership with the Glenmary Home Missioners. 

McNicholas theology teacher Mary Beth Sandmann said, “Andrew has a generous nature, giving to others at every opportunity. He is thoughtful and develops insight that shows a wisdom that is deep and grounded in spirit and faith.” 

Andrew plans to study Biology in a Pre-Med track at Miami University next fall as he works toward his long-term goal of serving others as a physician. 

Mrs. Renee Herndon – AACC Educator of the Year 

Renee Herndon has served students at McNicholas High School as an Intervention Specialist in the SAIL Program (Support and Accommodations for Identified Learners) for 19 years. In that time, Renee has been an integral part in the growth and success of the program. 

As Department Chair, she promotes the program to prospective students and families, collaborates with Admissions and Enrollment, and works with colleagues to bring about the best learning environment for all students. As a teacher, Renee understands that each student learns in a unique way. She advocates for her students and acts as a liaison to the rest of the faculty and staff. 

Renee is the consummate professional. She is intelligent, kind, hardworking, and dedicated. She goes above and beyond to guide and inspire students and always looks for ways to enrich their learning experiences and celebrate their successes. She exemplifies the McNicholas commitment to caring for the whole person. 

Renee is well respected among the faculty and staff, as well as students. She is a valued member of various committees and oversees the summer Launch Program for incoming freshmen. She attends Kairos and supports students in their faith journey. Renee is a lifelong learner, always researching new strategies and resources that may aid her students. Her students admire, respect, and learn from her each day. She equips them with knowledge and the tools to go forth and accomplish their dreams. She shows patience and compassion and reminds students of all they are capable of. 

Renne’s influence is far reaching, and her leadership has made a profound difference in the lives of many students and colleagues.