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Welcome, Principal Noll!

Welcome, Principal Noll!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Bob Noll as the Principal of McNicholas High School.

Mr. Noll officially begins his tenure at McNicholas on July 1, but he has already been hard at work learning about the McNicholas community and paving a smooth transition from Mr. Dave Mueller’s tenure to his. He describes the energy at McNicholas as “live-giving.”

“I have met amazing people who have shared their passion for McNicholas with me and I am learning more each day about the special spirit that lives in this community,” Mr. Noll said.

Mr. Noll promises to care about McNicholas students and to help them along their journey to the best of his ability. “McNicholas has a special spirit that encourages students to be their best and I will be a good steward of that environment,” Mr. Noll said.

Mr. Noll has a total of 25 years of experience in Catholic education in the Diocese of Covington. Mr. Noll began his career teaching theology and business at his alma mater, Covington Catholic High School. He served as the Assistant Principal and Safety Director at Bishop Brossart High School and as Principal at Newport Central Catholic High School for 12 years. Most recently, Mr. Noll has held administrative positions at Beechwood High School and Tichenor Middle School.

Mr. Noll describes himself as a team player who thrives when he is working with others to achieve things for a greater cause. He loves being surrounded by people who invest their time and talents in helping one another learn and grow.

He is deeply in love with his faith, and credits years of continuous struggle, challenge, and love from many people for that depth. “God has gifted me with amazing people who have challenged me and changed me forever, and I am passionate about sharing my journey with others in the hope that it makes their journey better too,” Mr. Noll said.

Mr. Noll loves playing golf, watching Marvel movies, reading books on social and political history, and spending time with his close-knit family, including his wife and two daughters. He cherishes the friendships he made when he was in high school, and he challenges any students who are fellow Harry Potter lovers to a trivia match!

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