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Top 10 Scholars from Class of 2024 recognized at Academic Signing

Top 10 Scholars from Class of 2024 recognized at Academic Signing

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 Top 10! These 10 students have achieved the highest weighted cumulative grade point average up to and including the third quarter of their senior year: Amanda Braig, Grace Elpers, Gracie Fechtel, Calla Garretson, Lucas Hannah, Remy Holder, Gemma Roetenberger, Connor Svarda, Joey Thomas, and Ian Wolfram. 

As they move on to their collegiate careers, these Rockets will be challenging themselves in fields like engineering, biology, mathematics, media production, architecture, and information technology.  

"These 10 students are a testament to the type of students roaming the halls of McNicholas every day, growing in Full Stature and finding their brilliance," Principal Bob Noll said. "Best of luck to these students and all our senior scholarship earners. Your futures are bright!" 

Ian is bright, inquisitive, and funny. He is a student who, while others get flustered and anxious in class, sits back quietly to assess the situation and rests in confidence that he is prepared and knows what needs to be done. He can always be counted on to be a voice of calm reason and impeccable problem-solving skills.  

Joey is a gifted student who has grown into an excellent leader. He is a constant and reliable force. He is always able to help calm those who are excited or worried but can also help lift those who are down. He is smart, caring, charismatic, and has a bright future ahead of him.  

Lucas is a hardworking, dedicated, and focused student. He is always willing to explore new things and take on that next challenge to see what's around the corner. His willingness to learn and understand is what makes Lucas such an amazing person.  

Remy lives out the school's mission of Full Stature and developing your God given talents in service of others. He puts countless hours into studying to be his best academically and is always willing to help others around him through his service with May We Help and the McNicholas Engineering program. He is smart, funny, responsible, and kind. 

Gemma is smart, kind, energetic, funny, and always up for a challenge. She always puts in the effort to master material and is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. Beyond her academic success, she is a supportive friend and brings a joyful energy to those around her. There is no doubt that she will succeed at anything she puts her mind to.  

Connor is focused, dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate. He is a naturally gifted mathematician who is quick to grasp concepts and does an excellent job applying ideas to higher level thinking problems. He is an amazing person and will do great things.  

Calla is caring and compassionate. She gives so much love, support, and service to the McNicholas community and beyond. She has truly grown and developed her God given talents and the world is a better place because of it.  

Gracie is an unstoppable force and has a relentless drive to learn. There is nothing that she cannot overcome. Her determination to succeed and fearlessness always shine through. She is a gifted student and has a very big future ahead of her.  

Grace is positive, hardworking, and conscientious. She asks amazing questions to make sure that she understands the concept and does a fantastic job explaining things to her classmates when they need help. She is kind, patient, and empathetic.  

Amanda is brimming with creative talent, and she excels in all that she does. She radiates brilliance when she is engaged in creating and performing. She embraces new challenges and is always willing to share her unique and insightful view of the world with those around her. The sky is the limit for her.