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Staff members take on new roles

Staff members take on new roles

At McNicholas, we pride ourselves on helping students discover and develop their God-given talents, but students are not the only ones growing and challenging themselves. Teachers and staff members are also developing their gifts and finding new ways to use them to serve the McNicholas community.

As the 2022-23 school year begins, these four faculty and staff members are taking on new roles and responsibilities:

Mr. Bill Losekamp – Director of Student Life
Mr. Losekamp will assume the responsibilities of the Director of Student Life, including overseeing student behavior, student welfare, and co-curricular activities.  He will assist with the smooth daily operations of the school, encourage positive school culture, and help students develop professionalism. He will also continue to teach two sections of math.

Mrs. Emily Materna – Director of Curriculum
Mrs. Materna will merge the curriculum work she was already involved in as the Director of Educational Technology with her new responsibilities as the Director of Curriculum. She will monitor the alignment and delivery of our curriculum and work with students and teachers to help students reach their academic best.

Mr. Mike Orlando – Director of Facilities & Senior Capstone Program Coordinator
Mr. Orlando will pass off his Director of Student Life duties to Mr. Losekamp, but will continue his role as Director of Facilities where he works with our partner, TDG Facilities Management, to maintain and improve our facilities. He will also continue to oversee student safety.

In his new role as Senior Capstone Program Coordinator, Mr. Orlando will work in concert with our Chaplain, Fr. Kevin Scalf, C.PP.S., to implement our Senior Capstone Program.  Mr. Orlando will be in charge of the logistics of the program: tracking student progress, assisting with finding engagement opportunities, and scheduling connections between mentors and students. Mr. Orlando will also continue as Head Football Coach.

Mr. Dan Rosenbaum – Math Teacher
Mr. Dan Rosenbaum is excited to return to the classroom as a full-time math teacher.  He will be passing his Director of Curriculum responsibilities off to Mrs. Materna, but will continue to manage substitute teachers and proctors.

Principal David Mueller said, “We are blessed to have hard-working and dedicated faculty and staff members. I am especially grateful for the ways Mr. Losekamp, Mrs. Materna, Mr. Orlando, and Mr. Rosenbaum have stepped up to serve our school in new and different ways this year. I look forward to the fresh perspectives and unique talents that each of them will bring to their respective roles.”