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St. Joseph Scholars present capstone projects

The senior St. Joseph Scholars highlighted the ways they have grown in compassionate leadership as they presented their Social Justice Capstone Projects on Monday, April 25. Their capstone projects varied from building stations of the cross at the Comboni Mission Center to working with the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati, from caring for animals with the League of Animal Welfare to caring for the elderly, and from tutoring students in math to teaching confidence and conflict management via martial arts.

Theology teacher and Chaplain Fr. Kevin Scalf, C.PP.S. said, “Our Social Justice Capstone seeks to integrate the school's mission at many important turns in the learning process, especially as it inspires students through faith formation and academic excellence to become compassionate leaders who are growing toward full stature in Christ. To this end, dedicated faculty mentors collaborated with students to help them discover for themselves how their passion projects resonate with Matthew 25 and with our school’s mission.”

A few key take-aways presented by the scholars included: creation is full of opportunities for our own enrichment and we have a responsibility to help protect it; learning is not always linear; we have to be willing to reinvent things so that everyone can participate; we have a responsibility to not just give others what they need to live, but what they need to thrive; giving the elderly dignity and quality of life is an important part of the culture of life.

Mrs. Julie Dill, English Teacher and St. Joseph Scholars Moderator, said, “It has been a privilege for me to guide the St. Joseph Scholars. They are exceptionally brilliant and driven students, and they have followed a rigorous course load each year. We have asked a lot of them in terms of their academics and service, and they have always followed through. They have definitely shared their brilliance with our school community.”

Beginning with the Class of 2023, all seniors will complete a Senior Capstone. Fr. Kevin said, “The development of the Senior Capstone Project is one target of our Mission 26 Strategic Plan. We look forward to full implementation of the capstone for all seniors next year; this year, we were excited to share the good work of our scholars and the capstone committee who have worked diligently to design a high-impact experience.”

The seniors who presented were Emma Clemons, Andrew Collette, Emily Fridley, Zach Geiser, Arden Jakubovic, Jacob Klug, Ethan Koran, Erin McManus, Jason Munzel, and Joe Walters.

McNicholas senior presents senior capstone project.
McNicholas senior presents senior capstone project.
McNicholas senior presents senior capstone project.
McNicholas senior presents senior capstone project.
    McNicholas Class of 2022 Valedictorian shakes principal's hand

    Congratulations to our newest graduates who received their diplomas at the PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation on Sunday, May 22. Student Body President Lauren Keith, Valedictorian Andrew Collette, and English Teacher Mr. Jeff Mulvey were nominated by the Class of 2022 to speak at the graduation ceremony.