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Science National Honor Society members provide science-related service

Science National Honor Society members provide science-related service

Thirteen students were inducted to the Science National Honor Society in September and have spent the school year providing science-related service, including providing feedback on science fair planning, judging the McNicholas science fair, and judging the St. Bernadette science fair. 

A special thank you to senior Liz Granlund who took COVID-safe individual photos of the inductees who were able to attend the ceremony in the fall and then Photoshopped them together for a group picture that did not require masks. Science Department Chair, Mrs. Regina Goines, said, “This is the perfect example of using technology to solve a problem!”

The SNHS inductees are Megan Wesselkamper, Madeline Daley, Zach Miller, Elizabeth Granlund, Anna Rahner, Isabella Dawson, Wesley Richmond, Nathan Braig, Lauren Cox, Connor Huss, Grace Carville, Gretchen Nieberding, and Alaina Sharp.

Group photo of SNHS inductees
    Promo graphic for spring musical

    The McNicholas Theatre Department proudly announces its upcoming performance of the hit Broadway musical, MEAN GIRLS: High School Version. While the musical humorously depicts the pitfalls of gossip, bullying, and exclusion, it also serves as a platform to emphasize the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and compassion.