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Rockets form friendships with students from Barcelona

Rockets form friendships with students from Barcelona

McNicholas welcomed 8 students from Collegi Casp, a sister school in Barcelona, Spain, for a 3-week study abroad program.   

During their stay, Manel, Martina, Ares, Berta, Sara, Elena, Pol, and Suyesh lived with McNicholas host families, explored Cincinnati, and experienced life as Rockets. They participated in clubs, attended a full class schedule, and cheered on our athletes as part of the Launch Pad.   

“I’ve really embraced all the opportunities and activities that are available here. You can do anything from play on a sports team, act in the musical, make the costumes, or just show up to watch and support other students,” Elena said.  

We are grateful to the McNicholas students and host families who welcomed the Collegi Casp students. Despite the short visit, our students have formed friendships that reach across the globe. 

Junior Katie Claes who hosted Martina said, “Martina is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She’s really brought me out of my shell. I’ve rediscovered and gone to some local places that I normally wouldn’t since she’s been here. She’s helped to open my eyes to get a new perspective and an appreciation of things in my everyday life.” 

Rockets introduced their exchange students to some Cincinnati and American favorites like Skyline, King’s Island, and Target. “I cried the first time we went to Target. It was so amazing, but when I looked at the food at Skyline I was like ‘How can you eat this?’” Martina said.  

Martina may not have liked the chili, but she loved the culture and community at McNicholas. “School here is like one big family. There is a lot of love and respect everywhere. Students really care about and support one another, and teachers are understanding and compassionate toward their students,” Martina said.  

While the Collegi Casp students were immersed into American culture, McNicholas students were given a little taste of Spanish culture as well.  

“Martina picked our car ride music a lot and it was fun to get to see what she normally listens to,” Katie said. “We also had a big meal with another host family and a Spanish priest where we ate a very traditional Spanish meal. I was excited to show her the culture here, but I was also happy to get to experience a little bit of her life, too.”