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Mu Alpha Theta honors students with a passion for math

Mu Alpha Theta honors students with a passion for math

Congratulations to the 19 students who were inducted into the McNicholas chapter of Mu Alpha Theta.

To be considered for this math national honor society, candidates must exhibit admirable character and excellence in math holding at least a 90% average in their honors-level math courses. They must also demonstrate a passion for math, for growing their skills, and for using their talents to positively impact the world around them. Members at McNicholas serve as math tutors as well as compete in math competitions to maintain membership.

Math teacher Mr. Steve Dalton said, “These young men and women have a God-given gift to see complex patterns and understand advanced mathematical principles. What is truly impressive, though, is the way they have dedicated themselves to grow their brilliant gifts with a heart for building a better future for their community and the world.”

Senior officers Danielle Dietz, Nathaniel Kouche, Matthew Robey, Alexander Russo along with co-advisors Mr. Steve Dalton and Mrs. Ashley Brothers, proudly welcomed these 19 new members:

Augustus Block, Elaina Bowman, Amanda Braig, Estella Elpers, Grace Fechtel, Calla Garretson, Kelsea Haas, Remington Holder, Carly Kent, Owen Lawler, Noah Novotny, Shawn Roesel, Kaitlyn Schulte, Jacob Smith, Autumn Strebel, Connor Svarda, Joseph Thomas, Cannon Wells, Isaac White 

Mr. Dalton added, “We are very proud of the commitment each Rocket made by joining this honor society. McNicholas is blessed to be a part of these students’ journeys as they grow into future medical professionals, engineers, business experts, architects, teachers, and leaders.”

Students inducted into math honor society