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Mission & Ministry Team encourages students to complete Christian Service with ‘two feet’

Mission & Ministry Team encourages students to complete Christian Service with ‘two feet’

The McNicholas Mission & Ministry Team wants to remind and encourage students to walk with the two feet of love: charitable works and social justice. One foot leads us to help others meet their basic needs: to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and visit those in prison. The second foot is the foot of social justice which challenges us to work for change and to transform our communities so that all people can thrive.

As this video by the USCCB reminds us, “God gave us two feet. If we don’t use both, we don’t get very far.” As such, McNicholas expects students to walk with both feet during their four years as Rockets, requiring at least 40 hours of Christian service prior to graduation.

A minimum of 20 hours must be completed prior to the end of a student’s sophomore year and an additional 20 hours must be completed in advance of their Senior Capstone presentation.

For the 20 hours of service that students complete during their junior and senior years, they are required to step beyond their comfort zone and reach out to the underserved and marginalized by practicing the “works of mercy” in the spirit of Matthew 25.  

“Through Catholic Social Teaching,” Theology teacher, Ms. Teresa Davis said, “Rockets learn how to not just hop on one foot (give charity) but to move and blur the lines of marginalization and be the voice for the voiceless. We are one Body of Christ with many talents, abilities, and knowledge that can lift others up to be able to live their authentic human lives as God has made and intended. We must take the first step.”  

Read Ms. Davis’s reflection “Service is Taking the First Step.”

Need help taking that first step?

Students are encouraged to partner with one of the suggested agencies listed here. Additionally, a dedicated service opportunities page is available on Schoology. All students have access to this page and get notices when new opportunities are posted.  

All students have also been trained on how to record their Christian service hours within the x2.0Vol website. If you need assistance, please contact Ms. Davis, Ms. Beatty, or Mr. Sandmann for help.