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McNicholas welcomes three new faculty and staff members

McNicholas welcomes three new faculty and staff members

Please join us in welcoming three new faculty and staff members to the McNicholas family. 

Mr. Pete Collopy joins the Athletic Department as a strength and conditioning coach, Mrs. Julie Miller has returned to McNicholas as full-time math tutor and co-teacher, and Mrs. Andrea Wheeler joins us as a full-time co-teacher in the English Department.

Principal Dave Mueller said, “We are grateful that the two co-teaching positions are funded by federal COVID-19 relief money and we are thrilled be able to use to use those funds in a way that directly impacts student learning. All three of these positions exemplify our commitment to customized learning and we look forward to the differentiated instruction Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Wheeler will give students in their core subjects and the personalized attention Mr. Collopy will give our student athletes.”

McNicholas welcomes three new faculty and staff members.

Mrs. Andrea Wheeler - English Department Co-Teacher
B.A. from Mount St. Joseph University, M.Ed. from Liberty University, M.S. from Arizona State University

Mrs. Wheeler was inspired by her high school English teachers who challenged her to read and write about topics beyond her interests and pushed her to open her mind. “I’m so happy to be at McNick and am excited to work with high school students again,” Mrs. Wheeler said. When she isn’t teaching at McNick or Arizona State, she enjoys spending time with her grandson.

Mr. Peter Collopy- Sports Performance Director
B.S. from Northern Kentucky University, M.S. from Eastern Kentucky University

Mr. Collopy enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, and playing golf and frisbee golf with his little brother. One of his favorite memories from high school is his senior retreat that helped shaped him into the person that he is today. Mr. Collopy looks forward to “working with all of our sports teams, reducing injuries among our athletes, and helping students achieve their athletic potential.”

Mrs. Julie Miller - Math Department Co-Teacher and Tutor
B.A. from Xavier University; M.A.T. from University of Cincinnati

Mrs. Miller enjoys reading and watching science fiction. She is a fan of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Star Trek, loves to play pool and euchre with her 15-year-old son Adam, and enjoys riding roller coasters with her 19-year-old daughter Rose. Mrs. Miller hopes that “having a tutor available for math assistance when needed will help to reduce students’ math stress and anxiety, allowing them to realize their math potential and expand opportunities for their futures.”