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McNicholas Theatre gets groovy with Xanadu

McNicholas Theatre gets groovy with Xanadu

The McNicholas Theatre Department performed Xanadu at the Anderson Center with a special performance at McNick at Night on March 2-5.

This hilarious, roller skating, throwback sensation had the audience laughing out loud and grooving in their seats as they experienced a musical adventure about fighting for love and following your dreams.

Theatre teacher and director Mrs. Leslie Baum was looking for a show with a cast large enough to feature as many of her talented students as possible. When the McNicholas Development Team announced that McNick at Night was “bringing back the boogie” with a groovy disco theme, all the pieces fell into place; Xanadu was the perfect way to showcase our talented students and partner with our annual fundraiser!

 “This group of students is so creative and full of ideas and I am so proud of the way everyone worked together. The cast made the show theirs by developing interesting characters and telling the story through song and dance. The crew took ownership of every project I gave them, bringing me props, costumes, and coming up with ideas that were even better than I was envisioning,” Mrs. Baum said.

The show was a hit and the special performance at McNick at Night was a highlight of the evening! As Mrs. Baum’s first musical at McNicholas, Xanadu left audience members excited for the what the future holds.

Mrs. Baum said, “It was a monumental show and I couldn’t have done it alone. I can't thank the parents, students, and everyone involved in our theatre community enough! It is wonderful to be part of a school community that supports their students and teachers so wholeheartedly.”


Lauren Beiser, Amanda Braig , Sophia Brockman, Jonathan Byrum, Katie Claes, Amelia Engle, Taylor Ferenc, Annika Flynn, Josie Fortin, Calla Garretson, Gwyneth Gaunt, Grace Gaunt, Joseph Hilbert, Vincent Hughes, Liliana McHugh, Sean McManus, Cara Metzger, Lila Moeves, Jacob Patrick, Emily Richmond, Addy Russo, Parke Segar, Noel Shelly, Lauren Switzer, Sheridan Threet, William Tipton, Caitlyn Voet, Annmarie Wolfer, Ariana Yanez


Harlan Mulvey, Mary Metzger, Quinn Hutchenson, Andrew Edwards, Julia Hart, Jacob Gundrum, Matthew Irvine, Reilly Mountel, Ellen Robey, Quinn Galocy, Mary Ganim, Allison Nguyen, Veronica Huffaman, Lauren Korchok, Emma Bell, Casey Fitsch, Olivia Dorschug, Taylor Ferenc, Lucinda Thompson, Clare Goldbach, Delaney Rains, Avery Rains, Grace Chen, Langley Esterle, Anna Dugan, Allison Ngyuen, Brendan McPheron