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Hands Across Campus honored by IJPC for promoting diversity

Hands Across Campus honored by IJPC for promoting diversity

McNicholas student organization Hands Across Campus (HAC) was honored for their compassionate leadership by the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC).  At their annual gathering, IJPC awarded the first Youth Justice Award to HAC for their work to promote justice, diversity, and inclusion at McNicholas and in the community.  

HAC leader senior Karly Leibreich said, “As a group, we truly strive to display diversity throughout our area. We are so happy to see our work impacting the community around us.”  

According to theology teacher and co-sponsor of HAC, Ms. Teresa Davis, HAC’s mission is to “find student-led ways to educate and celebrate the cultural, physical, and geographical differences throughout McNicholas, Cincinnati, and the rest of the world.”  

The students of HAC have carried this mission out in many ways, including hosting educational events such as CANabilities and Autism awareness speakers; organizing cultural celebrations; spearheading hygiene and food collections to support local food pantries; and participating in education and outreach programs through Imago, Mt. Washington Cemetery, the Ozanam Center, and Shantytown. 

The award from IJPC includes $500 to put towards the group’s efforts to foster inclusion through leadership, education, engagement, and encounter.  

HAC senior Karly Leibreich, junior Mary Metzger, and sophomores Cara Metzger, Kennedy Kramer, and Michael Egan, along with faculty sponsors Ms. Davis and Ms. Amanda Beatty, were thankful for the recognition and the opportunity to participate in such a “joy-filled and inspirational” evening with IJPC, Ms. Davis remarked. 

Ms. Davis said to her students, “I am incredibly proud and humbled to journey with you and learn from you as you break open goodness on McNicholas High School’s campus and in the world.”