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¡Felicidades! Spanish students inducted to honor society

¡Felicidades! Spanish students inducted to honor society

Twelve students were inducted to The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH). The Spanish Honor Society recognizes high achievement in Spanish and promotes continuing interest in Hispanic studies. 

Spanish teacher Mrs. Tracey Canisalez said, “As members of the Octavio Paz Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society, students promise to devote themselves to the study of the Spanish language. Learning a language can create strong ties between people of different cultures. By staying committed to learning Spanish, it is my hope that these students will have many opportunities to be able to communicate, understand, form friendships, and make connections with others."

Students in SHH are also encouraged to participate in community service activities related to Spanish or Hispanic culture. The inductees are in the process of organizing a fundraiser to purchase an alpaca for a family in need in South America. Through Heifer International, their gift of an alpaca will allow a family the opportunity to provide and care for themselves, bringing them one step closer to lifting themselves out of poverty.

Congratulations to the inductees: Jessica Alvey, Kaycie Badylak, Rose Bayer, Auggie Block, Erin Byrne, Zach Fein, Caroline Fleming, Matthew Lang, Brenda Ocana, Olivia Ramundo, Ellie Ritze, Sophia Steinhaus.

McNicholas Spanish Honor Society Inductees