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CREW Leadership Team prepares for 2023-24 school year

CREW Leadership Team prepares for 2023-24 school year

Congratulations and thank you to the 2023-24 Student Leadership Team! These students have been hard at work this summer, preparing to launch another successful school year of leadership and learning through the CREW program.

Mr. Todd Naumann, Student Culture Coordinator, said, “I can’t wait to see the fruits that will grow as these students continue to discern what it means to be leaders and consider how God is calling each of them to best use their talents in service to others.”

With help from our Adult Leadership Team, these students will create and lead meaningful activities that encourage leadership, foster faith, and build community.

Mr. Naumann added, “Our CREW programing supports a happy, healthy, and holy culture. We are grateful for the willingness of our student and adult team members to serve our McNicholas community in such a special way.”

Leadership for the Class of 2027 will be chosen in the fall.

Student Leadership Team

Student Body President: Alex Smith. Student Body Vice-Presidents: Maria Billies, Annabelle Dugle, Calla Garretson, Will Moran. Senior Class President: Maria Ramundo. Junior Class President: Julia Cheek. Sophomore Class President: Caleb Naumann.

Senior Class Captains: Christian Burt, Annmarie Duffy, Grace Elpers, Teagan Farmer, Aidan Garvin, Jake Rees, Conor Svarda, Joey Thomas, Sheridan Threet. Junior Class Captains: Ben Jones, Jack Kamphaus, Katie Noble, Eric Reinhart, Ellie Suttles, Maia Zeilman. Sophomore Class Captains: Julia Bayer, Josie Fortin, Grace Mastruserio, Grace McCafferty, Steven Meltebrink, Lauren Radtke, Luke Schneider.

CREW Captains: Dhruv Patel, Kennedy Kramer, Megan Longmore, Adam Hendrickson, Kelsea Hass, Audrey Beverly, Savannah Bell, Isaac White, Ian Wolfram, Kenzie Dehner, Zoe Fithen, Annika Flynn, Caroline Frede, Casey Fritsch, Andrew Wesselkamper, Canon Wells, Jack Tucker, Audrey Hurlburt, Lily Must, Mia Nienaber, Megan Mencsik, Amanda Braig, Carson Young, Ty Spitzmiller, Gemma Roetenberger, Francie Goff, Lila Moeves, Addison Must, Rylee Longbottom, Billy Meltebrink, Lynn Sandmann, Maddie Wilson, Sheridan Threet, Ellie Stafford.

Adult Leadership Team

Student Culture Coordinator: Mr. Todd Naumann. Deans: Mrs. Missy Gomez, Mrs. Cat Lest, Mr. Jeff Mulvey, Mr. Mike Orlando, & Mr. Paul Romolo.


Six Flights, One Mission   
Our students are each a part of a learning and leadership community known as a Flight. Flights nurture a vibrant school spirit, inspire excellence, foster faith, and encourage leadership. Each Flight is divided into communities of approximately 12 students, a mentor teacher, and a student captain. Known as CREWS, these small group communities meet daily for intentional formation and mentoring. CREW members pray, play, and grow together, and support each other as they walk side-by-side through their high school years.