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Congratulations, Prom King Ian and Queen Claire

Congratulations, Prom King Ian and Queen Claire

The juniors and seniors celebrated Prom on Saturday, April 25 at Paul Brown Stadium with a fun night of dinner, dancing, and casino games...Elvis even stopped by for a few songs! The seniors continued the celebration at the zoo on Sunday, April 26.

Congratulations to King Ian Phillips, Queen Claire Crawford, and all of the members of the Prom Court:

Isabella Bonner, Grace Carville, Queen Claire Crawford, Madeline Daley, Elaina Doggett, Anna Eiser, Margaret Haap, Madison Isaacs, Kristen Van Huss, Vincent Beiser, Nathan Braig, Nicholas Carter, Evan Economou, Jack Everhart, Brady Hopkins, Brady Horgan, King Ian Phillips & Connor Wray


McNicholas 2021 Prom King and Queen