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Congratulations, Prom King Aiden and Queen Karly

Congratulations, Prom King Aiden and Queen Karly

Rockets danced the night away at "A Starry Night" Prom at TQL Stadium with a fun night of dinner, dancing and celebrating. 

Congratulations to Queen Karleen Leibreich, King Aiden Kelly, and all the members of the Prom Court: Isabella Bellissemo, Taylor Bolin, Elaina Bowman, Danielle Dietz, Maggie Durham, Shelby Highfield, Carly Badylak, Harlan Mulvey, Abigail Taylor, Molly Wieging, Augustus Block, Andrew Edwards, Charles Everhart, Jacob Forsthoefel, Vincent Hughes, Matthew Mitchell, Noah Novotny, Shawn Roesel, Landen Rupp, and Colin Sandfoss. 


Prom King and Queen

Congratulations Karly Leibreich and Aiden Kelly

    Promo graphic for spring musical

    The McNicholas Theatre Department proudly announces its upcoming performance of the hit Broadway musical, MEAN GIRLS: High School Version. While the musical humorously depicts the pitfalls of gossip, bullying, and exclusion, it also serves as a platform to emphasize the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and compassion.