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At McNick, it IS Rocket science! Students shine in annual science fair

The Science Department hosted its annual Science Fair on Tuesday, Jan. 26. Twenty-four students were invited to present their projects in a COVID-safe fair to a panel of judges comprised of faculty and Science National Honor Society members.

Projects ranged from exploring biodegradable bags for food storage to testing the effectiveness of homemade, alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

The first place winner was sophomore Gia Guessford. Gia’s concern over invasive species led to her project entitled “Can Goldfish, Representing the Invasive Asian Carp, Be Trained to Move to a Specific Location Using Sound, To Rid Them from an Affected Area?” In the course of her research, Gia reached out to professors at the University of Cincinnati for guidance. Science teacher Ms. Mary Dennemann said, “Gia’s project not only helped her make connections to experts in scientific research, but also started her on a path to exploring and finding solutions to real-world problems.”

Students created and printed their displays in the McNicholas Makerspace. “We were excited to utilize the makerspace to create the professional-looking display boards. Because the boards were digital, students were able to easily make revisions after conferencing with their teachers,” Science Department Chair Mrs. Regina Goines said. Mrs. Goines added, “We were also grateful be able to hold the Science Fair in a safe manner, but still allow our students the opportunity to present in-person with judges in the room.”

The winners are eligible to compete in the virtual regional science fair to be held at the University of Cincinnati this spring.

First Place
Gia Guessford: Can Goldfish (Carassium auratus), Representing the Invasive Asian Carp, Be Trained To Move To a Specific Location Using Sound, To Rid Them from an Affected Area?

Second Place
Becca Rose: Does Temperature Affect the Bounce Height of a Tennis Ball?

Third Place
Trey Gardner: Is ICF More Effective at Holding a Temperature vs. a Traditional Style?

Honorable Mentions
Ellie Bowman: The Effect Weight Has on Different Bandage Brands
Alison Plush: Creating an Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer
Matthew Robey: Attracting Mosquitoes

Governor’s Award for Advanced Materials Science Research
Karleen Leibreich: How Long Tomatoes Last in Biodegradable Bags

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