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Architecture student’s pasta bridge holds over 14 pounds

At McNicholas, we build bridges...but sometimes we break them too! Ms. Gaskins’s Architectural Drafting students designed, constructed, and then tested the strength of their spaghetti bridges. Junior Caroline Mohahan’s brilliant design was the strongest, holding 14.1 pounds!

Congratulations to our top 5 architects:

  1. Caroline Mohahan - 14.1 lbs
  2. Alex Russo - 13.4 lbs
  3. Lauren McNamee - 13.3 lbs
  4. Jason Munzel - 12.0 lbs
  5. Luke Horstmeyer - 7.1
McNicholas student tests the strength of her bridge made of pasta.
    McNicholas Class of 2022 Valedictorian shakes principal's hand

    Congratulations to our newest graduates who received their diplomas at the PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation on Sunday, May 22. Student Body President Lauren Keith, Valedictorian Andrew Collette, and English Teacher Mr. Jeff Mulvey were nominated by the Class of 2022 to speak at the graduation ceremony.