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Service is Taking the First Step

Service is Taking the First Step

Relection by Ms. Teresea Davis

Two feet. God gave us two feet. If we don’t use both, we don’t get very far.

“I am not a runner. I am a walker, however, and have walked many miles and have seen incredible views, vistas and sights of the world.   Walking the very steep hill to the place where Blessed Mother Mary met her cousin, Elizabeth, in Israel, Ein Karem, I had to take a few rests to get to the top.  At each rest, my eyes met a new view of Mary’s challenge to change the world for good. She kept going to the absolute top where she found hospitality, comfort, and affirmation. She used both feet on that journey and we are called to do so as well.

Performing service for the McNick community and outside of the McNick community is using both our feet for God’s people. The two feet of love, as explained by this video by the USCCB, speaks to Charity and Justice (two feet) as the Catholic way of life.

We meet the needs of those dear neighbors who are marginalized and in need and in doing so, we move the line of marginalization…two measured steps.  We bring those folks closer for encounter, through empathy and in knowing they are our Brothers and Sisters.  We donate food, we create holiday events, give gifts and give warm clothing, products to ease their life on the margins.   

Through Catholic Social Teaching, Rockets learn how to not just hop on one foot (give charity) but to move and blur the lines of marginalization and be the voice for the voiceless, defend life and dignity from babies in the womb to those moving toward their life in Christ. 

We are one Body of Christ with many talents, abilities, and knowledge that can lift others up to be able to live their authentic human lives as God has made and intended. We must take the first step.”