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McNicholas Board

We are grateful for the many members of the McNicholas community who help our school to shine, including the members of the McNicholas Board.

The members of the board bring diverse professional talents and organizational management skills to their service at McNicholas as well as years of experience on other boards. They share a passion for the growth and success of our school. 

Board Members

Christine Ackerman
Steven Bloemer
Mark Dietz '83
Sarah Frank-Fogarty ’78, Chair Emeritus
Susan Gibbons
Sarah Mulvihill '00
Lizanne Ingram '78
Adam Kremer, Archdiocesan Representative
John McCafferty '99
Margaret McClure '83, Vice Chair
John Norman
Rick Oberschmidt ‘71, Chair
Fr. Jan Schmidt '72
Ed Stander '81
Marilyn Vennemeyer '08
Amy Wylie '88
Michael Zins '83

Staff Members

Denver Stanfield, President
Bob Noll, Principal
John Jorden, Director of Development
Kelly McCullough, Director of Finance