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At McNicholas, faith, growth, and community are closely intertwined.

Faith-Based Pursuit of Brilliance

Students are challenged to pursue their God-given brilliance and radiate it out into the world.  This is represented by three reaching strands of light that connect to form a cross. The three lines of the cross signify the Trinity and remind us of our strong, Catholic values.

Culture of Pride and Participation

The strong M proclaims our school spirit and our strong culture of participation.  Every student contributes in our experiential environment of doing — not watching. Our size and our broad array of teams, clubs, retreats, service opportunities, and classes allow students to maximize their opportunities while learning from each other. After all, we all benefit when everyone is in the mix.

Coed, Close-Knit Community

The outer strands of the cross symbolize the Brotherhood and Sisterhood or our coed community while the center strand extends to express the Good we can do together. The cross embraces the M and signifies that all Rockets, young and old, are bonded together. 

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