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McNicholas High School Mardi Gras

The Annual Mardi Gras Pageant and Ball, the most prestigious student event of the year at Archbishop McNicholas High School, honors 40 senior students who have given their time and talents in service to the school and community throughout their high school experience. During the evening ceremonies, a Mardi Gras King and Queen are crowned. The King and Queen are the highest vote getters amongst the senior class. The King, Queen and Court then preside over a formal dance open to all McNicholas students.

The Senior Court consists of the top 20 young men and top 20 young women who have actively participated in school events and organizations. Membership on the Court is a result of four years of compiled voting from students and faculty. The top four sophomore and junior young men and women constitute the honor guard.

The Captain of the Ball receives the second highest votes among young men in the senior class. The Maid of Honor receives the second highest votes among young women in the senior class. The announcement of the Captain of the Ball and Maid of Honor kicks off the Mardi Gras season at McNicholas.  The Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded McNicholas High School, brought the Mardi Gras tradition to the school in 1952.

The 64th annual Mardi Gras took place on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016. The theme for the evening was Pieces of One and Mr. Jeff Hutchinson-Smyth emceed the event, an honor bestowed by the number of years of service to the school. Nolan Ey, son of Director of Technology Andy Ey, and Moira Kapp, daughter of Director of Communications Shannon Kapp, served as pages for the evening.

Congratulations to King William Kamphaus and Queen Emma Kapp and the 2016 Mardi Gras Court and Honor Guards.



2016 Mardi Gras Court



William Matthew Kamphaus


Emma Louise Kapp

Captain of the Ball
Matthew Jeffrey Cornell

Maid of Honor

Maia Hayden Forman


Zachary Thomas Arnold

Kaylin Marie Adkins  
Caleb Austin Brunner Taylor Nicole Ashmore  
Jacob Robert Cheek Madeline Marie Buhr  
Tianyu "Harry" Chen Maria Claire Ciampone  
Jackson Anthony Durm Claire Louise Daly  
Brian Christopher Gauch Sally Zein Daoud  
Mitchell Joseph Hartwell Lauren Nicole Dundon  
Connor Duffy Higgins Sydney Elizabeth Evans  
Salvatore Vincent Marino Haleigh Nicole Haugh  
Joshua Ryan McSwigan Emma Irene Heise  
Adam Raymond Neltner Brynna Elizabeth Maxey  
Grant Stephen Painter Margaret Mary Schulhoff  
Nicholas Lawrence Klysz Robben Elizabeth Marie Simmons  
Jacob Christopher Round Katie Elizabeth Sponsler  
Kyle Patrick Timmons Brittany Leigh Taylor  
William Albert Vogelgesang Gillian Nicole Tierney  
James Dadosky Wegener Abigail Elizabeth Weiler  
Christopher Marc Wells Hannah Elizabeth Wuerfel  

Class of 2017 Honor Guard

Atticus Jacob Block
Cameron Edward Haynes
Sean Wesley Kapp
Noah Jeffrey Kohl

Lauren Elizabeth Alvey
Kathryn Leigh Byrne
Avery Jane Dietz
Erin Marie McHugh
Class of 2018 Honor Guard

Nicholas Daniel Rosenbaum
Wade Lawrence Brokamp
Soren Joseph Koch Hutchinson
Samuel Peter Veeneman

Skyler Grace Lance
Natalie Ann Martinez
Lauren Marie Mindrum
Samantha Erin Moser


Mardi Gras Kings and Queens 1953-2015